From bedside to body goals – Tricia Floyd’s story

You’ve seen so many at this point. Whether it’s been on Instagram, Facebook or some other social media platform you can’t go too far without…

You’ve seen so many at this point. Whether it’s been on Instagram, Facebook or some other social media platform you can’t go too far without seeing one. They come from different backgrounds, live across the globe and vary in age. There are some who are everyday folks, and others are your favorite celebrity. Who are they? They are your #bodygoals. We’ve seen the hashtag numerous times and always pause for quick second to admire how fit these folks are. Yet, how many of us have ever stopped to think about the mental fortitude, in addition to physical endurance, required to become #bodygoals? Tricia Floyd shares the secret to her success and what keeps her going.

Floyd, a wife, mom and fitness advocate, was an athlete from a young age. However, like many of us, the older she became the more challenging things became. Floyd recalls, “I’ve always struggled with my weight and my body yo-yoing. I gained the freshman 15 and I never lost it. Some people meet me and never believe that I was a big girl. Like any girl I took a break from the fit life to get married and have a family and everything like that. I took a break from fitness.” In addition to her family dynamic changing, Floyd also dealt with the illness of her daughter. Her daughter was diagnosed at 6 months with heart failure. It was this experience that made Floyd realize what she was made of and what she called to do.

“At my lowest, in my meditation and prayer, I had an epiphany and I realized I am going through this because I am strong enough to make it. I know a lot of people who were in my situation who did not make it out of the hospital. A lot of people in my situation remained in the NICU. I remember they [the doctors] told me if she doesn’t improve in 24 hours she would die. She turned around in 24 hours. Although on paper she’s in heart failure, she’s thriving and doctors don’t understand how. Because I got that miracle I owe it to God to let others know miracles can happen and I am repaying my debt. I don’t know why me, but let me pay it forward.”

Like many others, Floyd recognizes that goal-setting played a significant part in her progress and eventual 75-pound weight loss. “What people don’t realize is that when you are in the hospital it’s almost like you’re in jail. I haven’t seen the sun; I can’t go outside. I had to troubleshoot every day and figure out how to get us out of the hospital. When the doctors would round and give everyone their goals for the day, I would interject and ask ‘What are our goals for the day?’ I had to figure out how to get out. I can’t sit around and be depressed. How can we make this situation better? I kept that moving forward, from the NICU, to the main floor, to physical therapy and going home. I keep it going now. And every day I ask myself what are my goals for the day and when problems arise I troubleshoot them on the spot.

In her quest to move her family forward and maintain her weight loss, she continues to set the bar high for her family and challenges herself everyday. While she acknowledges that putting positivity out is important to her, she recognizes that there have been many challenges along the way. Her most significant challenge, aside from her daughter’s illness, has been her weight loss transformation. “I had no clue my body would look like this. I knew I could lose weight, keeping it off would be a different story. I didn’t know my body would transform to the magnitude that it did. To the point where I could step on stage with people who have been body building for years and years and I would win on my first show. I thank God for that, I can’t be cocky because I had no idea.”

Although Floyd has been successful in her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and being fit, she’s had to sacrifice quite a bit to accomplish it all. Like many others who have wanted to change, Floyd knew that she not only had to change herself, but change the group people of she surrounded herself with. “My friends were on their Sex in the City, let’s go out and have drinks; I was the fit chic in the group. So a lot of times when I was eating clean, or didn’t want to go here or do this, it was hard to maintain those relationships because we weren’t likeminded. I was helping and inspiring them, but it was also affecting me too. I was thinking ‘Am I being too tough or too strict because I work out everyday?’ I lost my best friend of 10 years because I was living the fit life and she was doing other things. I remember praying at the top of 2017 for some fit friends that can keep me on track and I keep them on track. When I talk it won’t sound like a foreign language, they’ll just get me. Since then I have built such a network of friends who understand every aspect of this life. Having that support system is key, and it applies to any type of lifestyle.”

Like many of us, Floyd has some days where she doesn’t want to work out and wants to eat whatever she wants. Yet despite her cravings and infrequent lack of motivation, she keeps pushing. “I know I have to keep it together to inspire other people, that keeps me on track when I want to have a cheat day or not work out.” Floyd also serves as a fitness lifestyle coach, so she knows she must put forth her best effort. “I’ve connected with so many women who aren’t quite ready to share their truth and their story so I work with them in the shadows. You’d be surprised the number of women who do not want to step in a gym until they look a certain way. So while people see the pictures [of me] and see the physical strength, they know behind that comes a lot of mental strength. So they want me to help them be strong physically and mentally.”

As if managing her family, keeping herself fit and coaching others is not enough she also plans to write a book and release a documentary about her life. She believes that there are many layers to her story, a story which will help others to deal with similar issues. “Until you’re in it [dealing with a child who is sick in the hospital] you don’t understand how it affects your marriage, finances and your relationship with your family. There are so many layers of trauma that we dealt with and it needs to be shared.” And for those who wish to put themselves out there and share their own story, she has one simple recommendation- have integrity and be genuine. “You can be anything on social media, but people relate to people who are genuine and have integrity. Someone is always watching, whether it’s your children, your teacher, bus driver someone at the bank, someone is always watching so be yourself- on and off [social media]. With her self-motivation, determination and her personal drive for betterment it’s no surprise that Floyd continues to excel at her goals and positively impact the lives of so many around her.

By: Natacha Lorius

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