At M-lifestyle magazine; as we search for the “renaissance youth”, we understand that we do not have a monopoly on scouting those who fit the mold we seek. This is where you, our dedicated readers come in.

If you are aware of anyone who has broken the cycle of failure and shattered glass ceilings in their area of expertise and are willing to share their success story in order to inspire the youth of today, we implore you to nominate those individuals; so that we can bring their story to you.

We are aware that success is not found in one place or in one way of doing things. Success is where we choose to find it. However, at M-lifestyle, we value those who have succeeded by honest means; with integrity; and by sheer belief in the beauty of their dreams.

If this sounds familiar, why not drop us an email with the name and contact details of the nominated individual and in less than 200 words, why they are inspiring and should be featured for you, our reader base.

We look forward to your nominations.

 Click here to nominate.
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