Passion & Drive |Meet Jesse Mobley, the CEO of bioRide

“It is amazing who we can become because of who we have been in the past.” These words are certainly congruent with Jesse Mobley’s path…

“It is amazing who we can become because of who we have been in the past.”

These words are certainly congruent with Jesse Mobley’s path to becoming the  CEO/President of Bio Ride Transportation. Before taking the reins at Bio Ride, he was running an oyster farm and before that he was and still is a youth football coach. And so this is definitely not his first ride in the cockpit; leadership seems to be a running theme in his life.

Bio Ride is a new take on an old concept; chauffeuring people. the Richmond, VA based transportation company  specializes in weddings, tours, and corporate travel. The unique aspect of this new concept is using bio-diesel originating from locally based establishments such as restaurants that have waste cooking oil. It has become the most environmentally friendly transportation company in central Virginia.


On the Bio Ride website, their mission statement is to “create new ways to effectively serve customers while providing a reliable, valuable, timely, and accommodating service, and to be a positive contribution to the community and the environment.”

Bio Ride began as Bio Taxi, which wanted to take on the concept of top customer service and combine it with luxury vehicles that were also safe for the environment. After Bio Taxi became prominent in the service industry in Richmond, Mobley changed the name to Bio Ride to focus on bigger events and corporate travel instead of just servicing one person or a small group of people.

What Mobley enjoys the most about being a part of Bio Ride is seeing how individual parts have an impact on the whole. “In every small business the influence from each individual has a profound impact on the business. Each person must be driven and passionate for a small business to thrive, there is no room for a bad apple.” Mobley said. “With that said, I love the fact that I am a part of something like this. Where my hard work pays off, not years down the road, but immediately. And with that I absolutely love the folks that are on my team. I couldn’t do anything without them.”

“Always bet on yourself. Have confidence in what you’re looking to achieve or do.

When it comes to inspiration, Mobley looks to his family and team. “I have a mother and Grandmother who are the best cheerleaders I know and really wish the best for me. I have a brother who keeps me on my toes and that I admire very much.” Mobley said.

Mobley also said that without the encouragement of loved ones who have passed, he would not have been empowered to be better and have an impact on the people around him and the world as a whole.


Mobley (pictured right)

Mobley also wants all of his team to take in on his success. “I care deeply about the folks that are around me, from my sports family at Matoaca Youth Athletics to the gang at Bio Ride, I want them to be taken care of and to share in my successes.”

When it comes to challenges, Mobley likes to face them head on. Even with the toughest challenges he finds that just asking for help is enough. “Challenges happen daily, weekly, and monthly in small business. It could be as simple as a flat tire to working your butt off to make sure you hit your sales projections.” Mobley said. “My biggest hurdle in my life was losing my father. Far too many people take family for granted, the simple act of calling for advice or sharing a success is something that continues to be a challenge for me. However that situation really did force me to make some big changes in my life that have been for the better.”


In conclusion, Mobley has this advice for M- Lifestyle readers; .“Always bet on yourself. Have confidence in what you’re looking to achieve or do. Take that risk or opportunity. If you are a driven, talented, and focused individual you should feel confident in your choice. And certainly surround yourself with great people, nothing is achieved by one’s self and always remember there is a fine line between being confident and pompous.”

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  1. David says:

    Great to read positive news like this. It’s a lot of negative media out there. Respect to Jesse for his initiative.


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