EXCLUSIVE: Meet Great British Bake Off Star, Benjamina Ebuehi

Who is Benjamina Ebuehi? Benjamina graduated with a First class degree in Economics from the University of Leicester. She recently found fame as a contestant…


Who is Benjamina Ebuehi?

Benjamina graduated with a First class degree in Economics from the University of Leicester. She recently found fame as a contestant on the popular acclaimed baking show; “The Great British Bake Off.” Great British Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur bakers compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. Over the course of 10 weeks, the series follows the gruelling journey of the competitors, as they attempt to prove their baking prowess. Each week the bakers tackle a different baking skill, which become progressively more difficult as the competition unfolds.


Benjamina is meticulous in her baking and takes pride in her presentation and follows various cake trends for inspiration. Benjamina lives at home with her family. She has a brother and a twin sister, who are her biggest critics but their feedback on her bakes helps her to grow and advance as a baker.

M-Lifestyle met up with the lovely Benjamina Ebuehi to ask her about her life as a Great British baker….


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Benjamina Ebuehi and I graduated from University last year before taking part in the seventh series of The Great British Bake Off, finishing as a quarter finalists. At the moment, I’m working on lots of baking related projects as well as making cakes for weddings and other occasions.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I absolutely love how creative it lets me be. I’m often given free reign with bakes that I work on which is great because I have the freedom to try new things and experiment a little bit. I enjoy the process of bringing a vision to life and then seeing how much others appreciate it. For me, each day is completely different and I enjoy the flexibility that it brings.


What inspires you?

I’m very much inspired by other successful women in the industry. People like Lorraine Pascale and Shelina Permalloo who are absolutely amazing at their craft are great to look up to. It’s so encouraging to see women go after what they want and succeed.

How would you describe your baking style?

I would describe my style of baking as “old meets new.”  Since starting baking at 14, Benjamina has specialised in combining classic simple flavours with a fresh, modern style. I have always enjoyed being able to put contemporary takes on classic and traditional recipes. I feel that it allows me to be creative and bake with my own unique style.



What were your highlights from being on the show?

 I would definitely say that being alongside my fellow bakers was such a joy as they were really lovely to be around and we all cared so much about our craft as bakers. I will also include my achievement of star baker in week 4. I had been flying under the radar as a consistent performer with some excellent bakes. However in Batter Week, I finally got a first place in the lace pancake technical which helped me get to Star Baker


What challenges have you faced?

Whilst filming Bake Off, there were many challenges that crept up. Although it was such an amazing experience, there were times when I was completely exhausted trying to balance working full time as well as setting aside time for recipe development and practising.  It was definitely a good test of my organisational and time management skills and I like to think I’ve improved in those areas.


What advice can you give to lifestyle readers?

Advice that I’d give to readers wanting to go into the food industry is that it takes a lot of work over a long period of time. You’ve got to find your own voice and find what makes you different to everyone else in such a crowded industry. Start small – that could be with a blog or an Instagram page but start building your audience and interact with them. They’re the ones who will grow with you and support you.


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