She Will Not Be Interrupted: Kamala Harris

Every woman has faced a man who will not stop speaking over her. It is even worse when a woman is in a position of…

Every woman has faced a man who will not stop speaking over her. It is even worse when a woman is in a position of power, and men just don’t seem to respect it. Kamala Harris is not here for any of that kind of behavior though.

Kamala Harris is new to the scene in Washington, but she isn’t allowing the experienced politicians walk all over her. Harris has been digging for the truth in the Russia investigation against President Trump, and the mainly older male senators do not seem to agree with her questioning. In fact, all they want to do is silence her questions.

“Again and again during the Senate intelligence committee hearings into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, Harris, who is of black and Indian descent, has been reprimanded by her all-white male colleagues for simply doing her job: asking direct questions and expecting direct answers in return.”

Colleagues of Harris have called the senator tough, hysterical and too rude. She is the only senator to be cut off and stopped mid sentence. Harris’ confidence and inability to to bow down is having these men shaking in their boots. Harris has become the face of the anti-Trump resistance. On June 15, 2017, Harris, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and three national intelligence chiefs met for confrontations. Harris emerged victorious, proving once again that she is not letting anyone stand in her way.

Harris’s rapid fire questioning form of interrogation has made her famous. Sessions has stammered the words “I…., I am not able to be rushed that fast.” And “It makes me nervous.” The senator has been interrupted and shushed so often that Harris has began asking question after question, in an attempt to not let anyone silence her. But some people don’t view Harris as the heroine she is.

National Review came for Harris in an article stating “…But there’s no question that on the strength of these hearings, she can lay claim to a style that is the future of American politics: Her combination of incivility, bullying, and victimhood makes her the perfect reflection of our current moment.” The article then goes on to explain that Harris has been interrupting senators, and that basically white privilege does not exist and Harris deserves none of the praise she has received.

During the most recent meeting with Sessions and the three chiefs, National Review described the event as “Harris was not the victim here; a former district attorney, she was actually the one throwing her weight around in questioning Rosenstein and Sessions. McCain sought Burr’s intervention to begin with because in both instances, Harris had interrupted the witness, badgering him and rudely refusing to let him answer as she sought to produce damning clips for viral consumption.”

There will only be push back against any minority attempting to not be quieted. But with a powerful woman of color comes the stereotypes that could be used against her; that loud, aggressive black woman stereotype. But these stereotypes should not stop someone from fighting those who are corrupt. They are what should be honed to get what is needed.

Kamala Harris is the bold unflinching face of any minority who has questioned anything or fought anything. Harris has shaken up the establishment and is going to make real change..

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