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 “You are meant to live, not to exist.” It is through this quote that James Silvas builds the foundation for his career. A speaker and…

 “You are meant to live, not to exist.” It is through this quote that James Silvas builds the foundation for his career. A speaker and performance coach, Silvas encourages everyone he comes in contact with to “live”, rather than “exist”. With the belief that everyone deserves to be happy and live life to the fullest extent, Silvas makes it his life mission to motivate, inspire, and push people beyond their limits.

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 Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Silvas’s career as an inspirational coach began much sooner than he realized. As a high school quarterback football player, Silvas’s role was to lead his team. “I had to put myself first,” he explains. “Before I could tell them what to do, I had to do it first.” It was with this mindset that Silvas began to look deep within himself and push his limits. He encouraged his team members to do the same. As a result, his team became faster, stronger, better. It was then that he realized he wanted to do this for the rest of his life – challenge others to realize their potential and push their limits to accomplish what they once believed they couldn’t. After a near death experience in college, Silvas received his wake-up call, confirming his mission to help others. “You’re here for a reason,” he recollects a voice in his head telling him. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

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“I set my goals so big for a reason,…If I don’t reach them, I’m still significantly better. If I am intimidated by a goal, I take it on as a challenge.”

Through his personal brand, Silvas Speaks, Silvas has offered personal and professional coaching to over 5,500 athletes, dancers, business owners, and individuals throughout the country. With a personal mission to assist others, Silvas has dedicated over 9,000 hours in pursuit of his mission. “My favorite part about what I do is seeing someone’s face after they did something they thought they couldn’t do,” he says. “The hardest part of my job is helping people break through their belief system and change their way of thinking.” At the age of 25, Silvas often finds it challenging to connect with his clients initially. Many of them find it difficult to trust the leadership of someone with only 25 years of life experience. However, the initial distrust diminishes once Silvas is able to connect with his clients and cater to their needs on a personalized level. “My aim is to find out who my clients are and what they want in the initial session,” he says. As each individual has different needs, the number of sessions varies with each client. Nonetheless, every individual walks away having accomplished what they originally thought they couldn’t.

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Aside from individualized coaching, Silvas also engages in public speaking through workshops. As an entrepreneur, Silvas has branded himself in such a way that participation increases with each conference. In the future, Silvas challenges himself to one day fill Madison Square Garden to full capacity. “I set my goals so big for a reason,” he explains. “If I don’t reach them, I’m still significantly better. If I am intimidated by a goal, I take it on as a challenge.”

Success as an entrepreneur isn’t possible without trial and error. Despite the obstacles, Silvas encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to always believe that what they have to offer is valuable. Breaking into the industry and selling himself was not easy at first. Nonetheless, Silvas’s persistence and work ethic proved to be successful. At the end of the day, it is about chasing the life you believe to be yours. “Follow your dreams because it is what you want. But, more importantly, follow your dreams because, if you do, everyone you come in contact with will be inspired to do the same.”

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