The Rising Bern and Falling Clinton

Underdog and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has defied the odds. Sanders is dominating  the caucuses, and most recently has won all three contested states…

Underdog and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has defied the odds. Sanders is dominating  the caucuses, and most recently has won all three contested states (Alaska, Hawaii and Washington) in the recent primaries, giving him a total of 13 out of the 31 states so far. Sanders is still 263 delegates and 438 super delegates behind Clinton. While Sanders is still trailing Clinton, he is not far behind; and Clinton can feel Sanders slowly gaining ground on her.


Sanders is known for speaking his mind. It is probably what has drawn his huge millennial demographic. Sanders is the face of free health care, free college, and equality for all. Although many people are critical of a lot of his his proposed policies and his stance on social issues, but several politicians are also standing by him. Even republican candidates like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have agreed that Sanders is a simple and honest man.  This is one sentiment Clinton has not been able to invoke in voters. Many people are critical of Clinton for various reasons.

Clinton has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Clinton has fallen from grace a couple times. She had the email scandal in 2015, when she kept government sensitive emails on her own computer and not a government official one. She lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996. She has defended a child rapist in a court case. There is also a reported list of people involved in Clinton scandals who have died mysteriously. These are just several of the many disreputable events that have come to light. These incidents leave voters and respected officials viewing Clinton as not trustworthy.

Clinton has been viewed as a flip-flopper. If people are prolife she is prolife. If some voters are pro- women’s rights, so is she. If people are pro-free college she is as well. If people are pro- health care she will also be. She also seems to mimic Sanders in a way, when she sees him gaining support for something she jumps on board. Even though this is what every politician does, (except maybe honest Sanders) Clinton’s history with lying leaves her open to more criticism.


Social media has contributed to Sanders’ rising numbers. Since his main demographic seems to be millennials, his words have spread through their main outlet: the internet. Since many millennials support Sanders, most will post Clinton’s short comings on social media as well. There seems to be a new Clinton scandal revealed every day. Clinton’s lying and constant changing of views is what is destroying Clinton’s image and leaving Sanders to scoop up votes.

Recently, Sanders proposed a debate between the two in New York, before voting will occur on April 19th. Although both Clinton and Sanders had previously agreed to debate at least once a month, Clinton’s aides have stated Clinton will not debate Sanders until he starts being nicer. “Let’s see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we’ll talk about debates.” (Source: mother jones) ( ) Sanders has been very nice. He has been known to tell his supporters to not boo Clinton at debates. Clinton’s aides seem to be angry with this not meeting their standards, and are maybe a little afraid that if the people of New York see Sanders that it might sway their votes. One thing is certain, the batte for democratic presidential nomination is certainly not over.

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