Are You Pursuing Purpose for the Wrong Reason?

I often see, hear and meet a lot of young and upcoming adults who are eager to make money in pursuit of purpose. I spare…

I often see, hear and meet a lot of young and upcoming adults who are eager to make money in pursuit of purpose. I spare precious time to educate them. Some show understanding, and others don’t. Many outright disagree with my position but find it difficult to offer me a better argument. While I believe making money in pursuant of purpose should not just be desirable but encouraged, truth be told, the pursuit of purpose is not primarily, necessarily and ultimately to bring you financial gain.

The pursuit of purpose often results and attracts ridicule, troubles, insults and enemies. But it brings first and foremost satisfaction, fulfillment, inner peace and joy, and in the long run, honor and glory. Any of those can come earlier, later or simultaneously, there is no particular order. However, in the long run your diligence and consistency will cause the good to outweigh the bad.

Therefore, to guard against frustration, stagnation and being stranded in pursuit of purpose, you may need to make money through other professional skills and competencies or solicit financial support, and/or mobilize venture capitalist to fund your purpose. Please understand, your PURPOSE is not being a motivational or inspirational speaker, writer or comedian. These are professional skills gleaned from talents, potential, eloquence and training and channels to pursue and fulfill purpose. Let’s bring this home; how much did Martin Luther King Jr. make as a motivational and inspirational speaker? How much did he make from his ‘I have a dream’ and many of his inspiring speeches? Virtually nothing. Again, was his economic and financial life dependent on his public speaking at the time? No of course not. But what is his reward till date? Fulfillment, legacy, memorial, honor, respect, acceptance, fame, peace, blessing, influence, impact, etc. How on earth would you quantify and qualify the aforementioned?

Finally, am I saying you cannot, or you should not make money from speaking, writing, comedy and etc. Rather, I am saying there has to be more, it has to be rooted in something deeper. If anyone is confused by this, perhaps it’s because:

  1. They don’t know their purpose
  2. They haven’t discovered purpose
  3. They don’t understood purpose
  4. They haven’t started to pursue purpose

As a new year approaches it is time to begin evaluating ourselves, our goals, and determining whether they are being pursued for the love of profit, passion or purpose.

By: John Alabi

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