Deception of Freedom

Is a man truly free if he has no limits? Is a woman truly free if she has no shame? Is a child truly free…

Is a man truly free if he has no limits? Is a woman truly free if she has no shame? Is a child truly free if there are no rules to obey? A life without boundaries, limits, shame, and rules is not freedom. A life without boundaries, limits, shame, and rules cannot be defined. What would you label that type of existence?

Freedom is a concept that inspires men and women to live a life of liberty and expectation. Freedom permits each citizen within the free society to utilize his or hers imagination and talent. Freedom consists of the liberty to think, speak, behave, create, and perform according to his or hers own will. Freedom is essential to life and to the enrichment of a society. Freedom allows an individual to participate and add creativity to his or hers community without the fear of condemnation or rejection. Freedom allows a person to become involved in society or choose not to become involved in society. We have a choice. No one is forced to do anything.

Freedom produces a sense of expectation. The creativity and innovation that flows from liberty produces hope and joy. Men, women, and children are motivated to live because they can create and produce ideas, concepts, products, and communities. The unique gifts and talents each one of us possesses can be used to enrich the world. Each day we live is a new adventure.

Freedom is designed to make life worth living. Freedom is intended to make every person responsible for his or hers own life and well-being. Your success and failure is in your own hands. You can be as extraordinary as you want. And you can be as average as you want. You choose. Unfortunately, the concept of freedom has lost its original meaning.

The original meaning of freedom was based on one major premise. Freedom is available to those who are willing to coexist with others. Freedom is contingent upon an idea that cannot be ignored. Freedom cannot exist without one significant element. That element is love. Love is the one element that allows freedom to survive. There is no freedom without love and truth.

Men and women who forsake love will lose his or hers freedom. The men and women who violate the law of love will intrude upon the independence of others. Love is the opposite of selfishness. Selfishness is placing one’s own hungers and desires over the liberty of another person. Truth declares what behaviors are right and wrong. Freedom cannot live without love and truth.

Truth is defined in the Bible as, “doing what God commands.” Another definition of truth is to conform to correct rules. According to this definition, even truth has boundaries. The deception of freedom is when a person decides to redefine the rules. The deception of freedom is when a person chooses to redefine concepts and ideas that he or she did not create. How can we maintain freedom if everyone redefines the meaning of freedom which will abolish the truth? Once these terms lose their meaning; they will contain no value and we will have chaos. The new word is “fake news.”

The media compels men and women to do whatever makes them happy. A famous author by the name of Aleister Crowley once said, “do what thou wilt, that is the whole of the law.” This statement permits every person to seek their own pleasure and ignore set rules and parameters. Crowley himself did not adhere to any laws. He was deported and banished from England and several institutions for living an immoral lifestyle. Freedom is not the absence of order and boundaries. Anarchy is the absence of order and limits.

We are all free as long as we all obey the rules and respect each other’s lives and property. The Ten Commandments that are written in the Holy Bible instruct men and women to honor and respect other people’s property, spouse, money, and land. God himself taught men that true freedom is based on love, integrity, and humility. Your life, your mind, your family, and your resources are sacred. No one has the authority to violate anything that belongs to another person.

Many people are impressed by ads and commercials each day reminding them to: “have it your way”, “just do it”, “you can have what you like”, and the famous song “it’s your thing, do what you wanna do!” You can have what you want. But there is no need to violate the will of another person to get it. You must achieve your goals without breaking the rules.

It is disturbing that some of our philosophies and mottos are in line with evil men like Aleister Crowley. Maybe some of the social unrest and mental health issues are the result of the never ending pursuit of pleasure and the pride of life. Living a life with limits and boundaries prevents overstimulation and narcissism. Our desire to have more and want more leads some to a decay in morals.

The best analogy is watching a 100 meter sprint. Nine sprinters are competing against each other. Each sprinter is in his own lane. None of them are permitted to cross the line and impede the other runner’s progress. You must earn your medal without hindering the other competitor. That is how our lives should be lived. The game only works if we all have the freedom to compete. Do not be deceived and think you must hinder someone else to achieve your dreams.

By: Derek Rodgers

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