Fun in the Summer Sun! The Coronavirus Edition

Summer is usually a season filled with family vacations to Disneyland, group trips to exotic locations or cookouts in the backyard. However, the coronavirus has…

Summer is usually a season filled with family vacations to Disneyland, group trips to exotic locations or cookouts in the backyard. However, the coronavirus has caused many to alter their vacation plans or cancel them altogether. You may wonder how you can enjoy the summer without contracting the virus. There are still things that you can do to take advantage of the summer sun; it just takes a little extra planning and being cautious about your surroundings.

You can still participate in activities like swimming or going on a picnic but be sure to take extra precautions like maintaining a social distance of six feet apart and wear a mask. Try to keep your conversations short and don’t share food or drinks. Humberto Choi, a pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic, states that “you should consider where you want to go and try to go when it is less crowded.” For example, if you want to visit the park to go for a walk, before you go, you should check to see if the park is open and try to visit in off-peak hours to encounter fewer people. If going to the park and pretending you’re on vacation isn’t good enough for you and you still feel the need to travel, consider taking a road trip. Being in the car is much safer than flying, and you will have better control of your surroundings. Choi also states that staying in an Airbnb could be ideal, seeing that they have to implement strict cleaning procedures. The best thing that you can do for a road trip is to pre-plan as much as you can.

If you have children that are itching to get back outside after learning remotely, there are plenty of activities for them to release some energy. You could go for a family nature walk or consider a scavenger hunt in your backyard or just around the house. If your yard is big enough, you could set up a movie night with a projector, maybe even camp out in your yard, and sleep under the stars for one night. If the weather permits, you can set some sprinklers and create a water park. Your local playground is still an option if it’s open. Denise Baran-Upland recommends that you teach your kids precautions like washing their hands and covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Try going to the playground when it isn’t busy and keep some hand sanitizer handy for the kids to use after they touch the equipment.

You’ve been in the house for months due to the coronavirus, and you’re ready to get outside and enjoy summer. Taking advantage of these hot summer days is possible, but remember the safety precautions: wear a face covering and maintain a social distance of six feet. Try to pre-plan trips as much as you can and visit places during their off-peak hours. The coronavirus isn’t leaving soon, but we can do our best to stop the spread.

Lauren McKeithen is a graduate of the University of Maryland Global Campus with a bachelor’s in communications. Writing has always been a passion of hers. When she is not writing, she also enjoys traveling, reading, and shopping.


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