I Chose to Follow What I Believe to Be a Destiny – Tyler J. Green

You are only going to become what your mind can conceive and what your heart can believe. Tyler Joshua Green, a graduate of Clark Atlanta…

tjgreenYou are only going to become what your mind can conceive and what your heart can believe.

Tyler Joshua Green, a graduate of Clark Atlanta University is the epitome of diversity. This humanitarian takes the world by storm in the pursuit of business, politics, and ministry. With a passion for positive change, the driving force behind his success is his love for helping others become well-rounded individuals. His selfless approach to life, partnered with his incredible work ethic, proves to be the perfect formula for prosperity.

With a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion tucked under his belt, Green is on his way to pursuing his Master’s Degree in Divinity at Duke University. During his undergraduate years, Green was heavily involved in politics as the President of the Student Government Association. Voted Clark Atlanta University’s “Man of the Year”, Green’s hard work does not go unnoticed.His business pursuits include his tenured professor position at the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute, an organization devoted to increasing the number and size of minority-owned businesses throughout the United States and globally. There, he teaches focus and discipline as well as effective communication to various groups of aspiring minority business students. As an activist, Green is dedicated to community engagement and political justice issues. Aside from his business and political endeavors, his passion for ministry leads him to travel around the country to partake in preaching engagements. “Right now I just travel to a lot of places whether it be for a regular church, a revival, a class or a conference”, he explains. As a recent graduate, Green is well on his way to leaving his mark on the world.


A motivated individual, Green draws inspiration from a variety of sources. First and foremost, however, he believes in himself. “I think that what I do I chose under my own power. I think, more than anything, that I just chose to follow what I believe to be a destiny. That’s my form of motivation.” Green is also inspired by great individuals who came before him. Whether they work in his field or not, he believes there is also inspiration to be drawn from someone who works hard at what they do. “I admire people who may not do what I do but, because they take their crafts so seriously, it helps me to take my craft even more seriously”.


Despite the challenges, Green manages to keep a positive mindset through all of the drawbacks. “Coming from a deficit, I’ll say that taking the disadvantages of life and doing my part to make them into advantages, taking the detriments of life and turning them into benefits of life is what keeps me going”, he explains. In the future, Green plans to earn his Doctorate’s Degree after earning his Master’s. Most importantly, however, he sees himself travelling the world and spreading light to everyone he encounters. “I believe that every moment is my opportunity and my obligation to make a profound impact on anyone that I come in contact with”. To M-Lifestyle readers, Green advises everyone with a dream to start with the right mindset and just go for it. “You are only going to go as far as you think you can go. You are only going to become what your mind can conceive and what your heart can believe. That’s what you’ll end up achieving. If you can free your mind the rest will follow”.



INTERVIEW BY:  M-Lifestyle’s Jean Tatum

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