Carpet style | our top picks from the 2016 Met Gala

The 2016 Met Gala has come and gone and the event did not go unnoticed. This year’s theme was: Manus X Machina: Fashion in the…

The 2016 Met Gala has come and gone and the event did not go unnoticed. This year’s theme was: Manus X Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology – a juxtaposition of fashion and technology, man and machine.  It consequently resulted in  a myriad of designs, but here are the 5 that stood out for me. (Before I forget a lot of credit for these picks goes to my good friend Bassey – who has a better eye for fashion than mine.) There were many well dressed people, but we decided to narrow the list down by those who stuck to the theme. This left us with well filtered options and here are our top 5 picks from the night.



  1. Jaden Smith.


The only entrant on this list who did not incorporate the theme of the gala into his outfit. But his outfit was just too good to bypass from the list. The 17 year old really came strongly geared for the event with his detailed Chanel piece – which though it may not have incorporated the actual theme into the outfit,  was a great fit. We can’t afford to overlook such dapperness and attention to detail.


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met24. Karlie Kloss


Another off theme celebrity, but Karlie really took to the scene with her piece.   Her outfit portrayed three different styles in one night. It would have been cool if she had somehow infused technology to achieve this effect but only two of the looks were planned. The last was actually a result of another guest accidentally spilling wine on her. Thankfully her designer was on hand to avert a possible fashion mishap and he took her piece to another level. Comical story.…..but great result. The dress was designed by Brandon Maxwell.


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  1. Will. I. Am


Dressed in a well fitted Gucci suit, with flower embroided sleeves. Will took his outfit a step further by including a face visor. This might not have been the most fashionable accessory  of the day, but it stuck to the theme, and still maintained a polished look. The entire outfit had a Daft Punk vibe and we think Will.I.Am smashed it!

According to Wired, Mr.’s outfit was equipped with his latest attempt at infiltrating the wearable tech market: AneedA, a “device-agnostic virtual assistant” that can be embedded into any device, giving its user news updates and useful intel such as flight information, the ability to set and cancel appointments, and an unlimited music-streaming service. In the case of the Met Gala, it was sewn into’s shawl collar.” – Yahoo

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  1. Karolína Kurková


She was undisputedly the most uncaptured wonder of the night. A fairy tale gown is never a bad idea for the Met Gala, especially one that lights up the red carpet. Karolina’s gown did literally that! The dress had flashing LED light’s installed in the flower details and was a wondrous sight. This dress was designed by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig.


“The pair collaborated with IBM’s Watson to create a “compassionate dress” that analyzed tweets and the emotions of fans interacting on social media. Each L.E.D. light embedded in Kurková’s dress would light up in different colors depending on each fan’s mood. “  – Vanity Fair, 2016


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  1. Claire Danes


Without a doubt, Claire was the best dressed individual at this years’ MET gala. Her gown was the absolutely PERFECT fusion of technology and fashion. This fairytale gown was a GORGEOUS fit and upstaged the rest of the red carpet with its LED glow in the dark feature. She looked like a little girl’s dream, and a man’s’ dream woman. The dress was created and designed by Zac Posen.

Picture taken from Vanity Fair

by Toni Peters, M-Lifestyle contributor

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