Colorism and Fashion Nova. Is it a thing?

One night I was scrolling through YouTube and happened to come across a video posted by Nique at Nite on colorism. In this video she…

One night I was scrolling through YouTube and happened to come across a video posted by Nique at Nite on colorism. In this video she discussed popular YouTuber’s ,(including Queen Naja) both male and females, who have made disparaging comments about females of darker skin hues.  What makes colorism so horrific is because it is prejudice that is perpetuated amongst members of the same ethnic group who are either of lighter or darker hues. Colorism tends to perpetuate historical stereotypes which have been  used to create divisions amongst people of color. While this is not a new topic it is worth exploring how colorism runs rampant across some of the most well-known social media brands who only uses models of a certain hue to promote their products.

Photo Credit: Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova literally hit the seen as a nova. Everyone has been wearing Fashion Nova- Cardi B, Amber Rose, and Tamar Braxton to name a few.  Tekashi 69 even mentions Fashion Nova on his Dummy Boy album. Fashion Nova has well-made products at affordable prices, good customer service, and fast delivery. I have purchased several products over summer.  Recently, I was scrolling through Fashion Nova’s website and I started to notice that there were only 2 maybe 3 models of darker skin hues. While Fashion Nova offers clothing to all sizes, representation of women of all skin tones is lacking. I started asking myself what does it take to be a #Novababe?

I would like to see Fashion Nova select more women of color as models. I am quite certain that current models are not indicative of the audience that supports the brand. While Fashion Nova is not the only brand that has very limited use of models of darker skin hues, it just makes you think about the overall lack of inclusion. I wonder after the casting calls, photoshoots, and editing does anyone look the images that are being prepared to post and think about the lack of inclusion?

Perhaps I am wrong in my opinion. I googled Fashion Nova and colorism and there was not a single article discussing the lack of representation. Maybe I am seeing things. The only article that appeared was a disgust that the brand sold a piece called “Klan Hooded Tunic” and a Lipstick Alley thread on the ethnicity of the brand’s owner. If I am not wrong, how do we influence brands around culture inclusion? Otherwise each purchase and each hashtag are positive reinforcers for Fashion Nova and brands like them to continue marginalizing individuals of darker hues.   If nothing gets said it does not matter to the brand and we perpetuate a silent affirmation that this type of marketing is acceptable.

By: Jane Channel

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