Clinton vs Trump, what does the future hold?

Republican nominee hopefuls Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the race about a week ago, meaning Trump is most likely the Republican nominee. This leaves…

Republican nominee hopefuls Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the race about a week ago, meaning Trump is most likely the Republican nominee. This leaves the future of the GOP uncertain.


Some notable Republicans have made it clear they would not be comfortable with Trump as the nominee. Marco Rubio even held a public debate with Trump on television. After suspending his campaign, Cruz stated “[Top officials of the Cruz campaign]… are convinced there is one specific step that could have stopped Trump — and they blame Sen. Marco Rubio for not taking that step.”

But dwelling on the past does not fix or improve the future. The fact is that Trump is the last man standing. So what this means is, if he becomes nominee (if the GOP cannot figure something else out) it will be a challenge for anyone running against him. Trump uses underhand tactics such as name calling and plays on the fears of the electorate. He is notorious calling Jeb Bush a “lightweight,” “not a smart man,” “stiff,” and a “spoiled child.” He has also been found to have insulted women, Muslims and infamously mocked a disabled person.


On the DNC side of the presidential race, Clinton seems to be winning the fight against Sanders. Many question how Clinton is still running and has not faced greater scrutiny for her email scandal. But Clinton, like Trump, has been desperate in her bid to be her party’s presidential nominee. Her husband, the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton has been seen at polling stations, making speeches and prolonging voters from voting. She has not shied away from direct personal attacks on Bernie Sanders, so she seems like a fair match for Trump when it comes to fighting for the office of president. Nevertheless, some Democrats believe Sanders would be a better fit against Trump.


Clinton is just like the other candidates Trump has faced, she is a career politician. Hillary Clinton holds a 12-point lead over Bernie Sanders nationally, but in a hypothetical match-up against Donald Trump, Sanders does much better than the current Democratic front-runner. There is certainly an impression based on Bernie Sanders’ support base that he might provide stronger opposition to Trump in an election. Sanders has the majority of the under 30 support, however Clinton has the DNC establishments’ backing and is seen as the likely Democratic nominee. Perhaps that is why Trump has begun personal attacks on Clinton, calling her a “crooked woman” but he wants to face off with her and defeat her.

A Clinton-Trump presidential face off could mean a tense and volatile few months as both battle for the independent votes. It would make for an intriguing battle as Clinton and Trump are actually longtime friends.

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