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Rachel Kerr is a powerhouse of vision, motivation, and positive change. This is evident in all aspects of her life but most especially her music,…

Rachel Kerr is a powerhouse of vision, motivation, and positive change. This is evident in all aspects of her life but most especially her music, which she is most popularly known for. However, her strength is not limited to just music. She is a woman of many talents.


Like many of our favorite artists, Rachel Kerr rose from her early days in the church choir and today stands as arguably one of the most powerful vocals in the Gospel/ Inspirational genre of music in the UK. The star had her first exposure to the industry through a one off experience in the kids’ version of the popular music talent show ‘Stars in their Eyes.’ ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ was a British television talent show in which contestants impersonated music stars- Rachel performed as Aaliyah.

Since then, Rachel has built a respectable career in the music industry whilst advancing in her academic pursuits. Rachel graduated from the University of Warwick and went on to work as a lawyer. Nevertheless with a burning desire to break into the music industry that would not cease, she began to chase her dreams and fully immersed herself into the music world. Today she stands as an artist who has performed for notable figures around the world and also alongside major artists.


Rachel has shared the stage with popular music stars such as Donell Jones, Kirk Franklin, and Lauryn Hill as well as many others. This demonstrates her incredible talent and ability to perform across various genres in music. Upon examination of Rachel’s discography, it’s hard to place her in a definite genre. When asked about where she’d categorize herself, Rachel says: “It’s amazing because over the years I’ve been able to really embrace, what it is to be an inspirational artist and that will mean singing Soul, RnB, Gospel, and music of Black origin.”

Amazingly Rachel’s career is not limited to just producing music as an artist, she is also a vocal coach, and a businesswoman. She has launched performing art schools that have taught notable African music artists such as the likes of Tiwa Savage, P-Square, and Waje to name a few. In addition to this, her creative talents extend to being a painter and all things craft. “I love to paint. I love painting. arts and crafts, clay work, everything, that’s me.”

Rachel Kerr pictured with M-lifestyle interviewer Toni Peters

Rachel Kerr pictured with M-lifestyle interviewer Toni Peters

Rachel Kerr is someone who uses her powerful voice not just for music but to also make a difference and speak out injustice. In her interview with M-Lifestyle Rachel spoke passionately and sternly on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, identifying how the music industry is not oblivious to what is happening.

Whilst prejudice and racism isn’t carried out through murder, she points out that certain talents are denied ‘greatness’. Speaking honestly on why she supports the BlackLivesMatter movement, she says “It’s something that when I speak about, I do get a bit hot and passionate about because, I have three brothers. My husband is a black man, my father is a black man. All these people mean so much to me and to know that, them walking down the street could potentially be life threatening, is a problem. So I think that now is a time for justice and I think long story short, enough is enough!”

Rachel’s acheivements and accolades have been a source of inspiration for many. Rachel has won a MOBO award, performed for Bill Clinton, David Cameron, Opening for Asa, Opening for Lauryn Hill, Toured the Caribbean, theUSA, and many more exciting places. Her ambition is to do even more and achieve greater things in music and helping others in their careers. She hopes to go on tour to more countries, work with the best music artists and change many more lives for the better.

Rachel’s advice to inspire M-Lifestyle readers is for you to;

  1. Have a good sense of who you are.
  2. Invest in your talent;
  3. Go hard or Go home!

Story by Toni Peters

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