How a Group of Women Are Combating Breastfeeding Stereotypes One Photo at a Time        

A photo of melanin mama’s breastfeeding their babies has broken the internet, and it should give us all the feels.  Angel Warren, one of the…

A photo of melanin mama’s breastfeeding their babies has broken the internet, and it should give us all the feels.  Angel Warren, one of the mothers listed in the photo, posted on Facebook seeking new moms for a photoshoot to bring awareness to Black Breastfeeding Week, which was celebrated for the 5th year this past August. From there, the ladies formed a support group, Chocolate Milk Mommies, to embrace women of color who choose breastfeeding as the best option for themselves and their children. The photo is the second shoot that the ladies decided to do. This was not done necessarily to break the internet, but instead to break the stereotypes that follow when it comes to Black women and breastfeeding.

The Chocolate Milk Mommies recently met again for a photo shoot in which all of the mothers wore crowns or dressed as goddesses to symbolize the strength of Black women and embrace the beauty of breastfeeding as part of the process to raising more Black kings and queens. The spread shines light on the disparity between Black and white women who breastfeed, in order to encourage other young Black moms or soon to be mothers to join in and change the dynamics of women of color who breastfeed.

Despite statistics of the past, more and more Black women are choosing to breastfeed and the mommies in this group are providing a safe space for them to share their stories, provide advice and just uplift one another during their journey of motherhood. Often times, society portrays Black women in a negative light, pitting them against one another, and this campaign is proof that we do too root and cheer for our fellow sisters.

Despite the overwhelming amount of praise, love and support received in response to the recent photo shoot, the Chocolate Milk Mommies have also had a few Negative Nancie’s who have taken it upon themselves to try and talk down on the movement; nevertheless they choose to focus on love and supporting one another. The photos have done what the mommies intended them to do: spread awareness, get people talking, and promote unity amongst Black women and however they choose to tackle motherhood.  The women hope to continue to educate, empower and encourage other Black women to breastfeed and use their boldness and fearlessness to break boundaries and stigmas that follow some women’s choice to feed their children in the most natural form.


By: Shanique Yates

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