Wisdom Systematic Approach & Skills to Solving Problems

Problems are real – not abstract. Problems are issues, circumstances, situations and storms of life beyond human comprehension. Motivationally speaking, one may see problems as…

Problems are real – not abstract. Problems are issues, circumstances, situations and storms of life beyond human comprehension. Motivationally speaking, one may see problems as challenges. Challenges are consciously taken to be solved and handled, while problems are not. Problems are not just challenges; they are unexpected, unplanned, uninvited, un-prayed for and unanticipated difficulties and crises. No one with his right senses deliberately prays, or consciously walks into a problem.

No one prays for the storm of life. Consequently, the solution does not lie in human permutation and combination; to a large extent, it may not even be in your profession, philosophy and ideology. Disappointment, failure and defeat are most times not envisaged, planned for and expected but often come no matter how perfect our strategy and schemes are. What we called the ‘issues and circumstances’ of life have no respect for any person or beliefs. However, circumstances and situations of life may hinder us, but cannot stop us from actualizing our dreams and aspirations.

Therefore, when there’s an issue of concern, when the unexpected happens, when the carefully and meticulously crafted plan fails and when there is alteration, diversion and roadblock to the roadmap and blueprint do the following:

  1. Be cool. Be calm and Be collected: You have nothing to lose but everything to gain with a settled and relaxed mind. Agitation, confusion, anxiety and worry accompanied and orchestrated by the ‘problem’ will not add value to the present situation compared to calmed, spirited and relaxed nerves. Be patient and you will shift from being a victim to victor. Sleep over it and check intermittently and occasionally to discern what went wrong. Let your mind start working on all possible solutions available. Let your mind begin to download possible solutions and pen them down as they come. Maintain a stable, perfect and un-agitated spirit and decorum and you will see and experience wonders!
  2. Enlarge your mind: It is interesting to know that headaches are universal to humanity and no one is immune to problems. Therefore, a problem is not particular to you, your family, lineage or generation. It is common to all creeds and races. Problems, however, reveal your character strength. It reveals the real you and your true color. It reveals how strong or weak you are. No problem leaves you the same. But, you must come out stronger and better. Problems are meant to be solved, handled or managed. In fact, inherent in every problem is the solution! There is no problem beyond your mind’s capacity to handle no matter how seemingly difficult. Elasticity of the mind enhances capacity to handling problems.
  3. Manage Your Status – Handle Your Problems
    Your status announces/magnifies the problems. Your status may also draw possible solutions without stress. In other words, your status, reputation, resourcefulness, significance and circle of friends may be a blessing or a curse. It depends on the way you handle or manage it. For instance, imagine Mr. President had headache – it will make headline news. But, there are millions of citizens with migraines, yet they don’t make the headlines. Invariably, your reputation, status, significance, office, position of leadership or authority magnify your problems.
  1. Don’t be ashamed about it: I know this is not easy and may sound stupid. But, the first emblem carried by problem is shame. Shame hinders and obstructs you from talking about it and eventually shuts your mouth. Your problem is not the issue but the shame, ridicule, insult, embarrassment and humiliation it carries along. For instance, if you have a peculiar problem strange to your environment and your people, you may be embarrassed and ashamed. Let us imagine you are in the midst of people with the same kind of problem, you may even have reasons to thank God your situation is even better compared to many in the same predicament. In other words, the problem is not really the matter but the mindset towards the problem. A feeling of shame is a matter of the mind. Problems magnify the environment and presence of shame. In your quest for solutions, always bear in mind, you are not the first, and most likely, you will never be the last with the problem.
  2. Expose the problem: How? Don’t shut your mouth! Don’t hide it. Don’t nurse it. Don’t pretend about it. Don’t be comfortable with it. Don’t just sit watching it grow. Expose the problem. It is when you are able to shut the door against shame that you will be able to express and seek solution yourself. The target or aim of the problem is to make you ashamed, and consequently, shut your mouth. 
  3. Engage people: Involve and engage people to help you. Let people identify with you in the problem via solution-seeking. The greater the number of people you involve and engage, the greater the number of possible solution available. When you involve people, it is the result you see but very many processes have gone into it. Everybody counts, and every input is significant.
  4. Seek the assistance of professionals and practitioners: Solutions are in people not in places! You may simply find solutions in professionals and practitioners such as: Counselors, Advisers, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrists, Anger and Emotional intelligent consultants, Healthcare Providers, Nutritionists, Business consultants, HR & Business capacity Developers, Life coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Preachers, Pastors, deliverance ministers, etc. Desire solution: Make it a burning desire. Your attitudes, desperation, hunger, anger, tell how ready you are for solution.

By: John Alabi 

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