Endurance, the requirement for success

Fear is expensive. Failure is expensive. Success is expensive. Wasting time is the worst thing anyone can do with his or her life. Time is…

Fear is expensive. Failure is expensive. Success is expensive. Wasting time is the worst thing anyone can do with his or her life. Time is the one commodity that can never be replaced. Fear is an element that can lead a person to waste time. Fear is an emotion that can paralyze a person. Fear is an emotion that can hinder thoughts and strip an individual of his or her faith. Fear, failure, and success all come with a price. That price is time, stress, and attention. If the cost is the same, then why choose to fail? If the cost is the same, why choose to live in fear? Why not be successful?

The weight of glory is a topic that must be discussed more often. The weight of glory is a topic that many men and women ignore. In my lifetime, I was rehashed the motivational lines about: the fear of failure, the price of success, the value of friendships, commitment, and the value of hard work. I never remember the lesson about the weight of glory. The weight of glory can be defined with one line. But the weight of glory is very complex. The high level of attention, responsibility, commitment, and time that is required to succeed, prevents people from desiring success. The weight of glory is the fear of success. Men and women who realize the cost of success will sabotage their own success.

The major problem with the truth of self-sabotaging is that men and women do not admit that they sabotage their own success. People will use any excuse to cover up the fact that they ruin their own lives to avoid the rise to the top. People will blame other people for ruining their plans. We self-sabotage because we don’t want the pressure and responsibility of being the leader. The one who is the leader will be held accountable by all of their associates and subordinates. There is a duty and a bond that takes place. The leader must lead. The leader must place the needs of others before his or her own comfort.

It is easy to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. The people at the bottom are not responsible for their existence. They eat and live with very little weight. The people at the bottom are the ones who add pressure to the people at the top. The people at the bottom are usually the critics of the people at the top. The people at the bottom of the power chart become comfortable at the bottom. They can absolve themselves of personal responsibility. The people who avoid responsibility will surround themselves with other people who avoid responsibility. This comfort will produce a fear. The fear is that the discovery of potential will produce a hunger for more growth. Growth creates discomfort because growth requires change. The people who are at the bottom do not want change. The people who enjoy comfort will hide their true potential so they can avoid the pressure of improving their status in life. The high level of self-medication is evidence of men and women hiding their true light.

The weight of glory is a weight. A person who is chosen to carry the weight must first be strong enough to carry that weight. The strength to carry the weight is developed through the process of change. The change can only come if the person chooses to endure it. Change requires the alteration of habits and thoughts. How many people can submit to the change? How many people are willing to endure the changes that are necessary to fulfill their own destiny? How many people have the courage and the desire to endure all of the necessary changes that will only lead to the carrying of more weight? This is the point of discomfort for most men and women. The realization that the transformation will lead to a new life that will require him or her to carry more weight. Who in their right mind will choose to carry more weight?

Success is presented as wealth, the abundance of money, fame, power, glory, and worship. As children we all wanted to be adored like: Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Pele, Hulk Hogan, Deion Sanders, Muhammad Ali, and many others. We viewed them as successful people. We recognized their accomplishments and submitted to their glory. Sometimes we imitated their behaviors and mimicked their actions. As children, we dreamed of that glory. We wanted that worship and fame. We dressed like our heroes and we talked like our heroes. We wanted other people to follow us and view us as heroes. But how many of us were willing to endure the process and suffering that creates a champion?

There is a four-step process that must be endured to become the man or woman God desires to be a leader. The four steps are: point of reference, point of discomfort, point of revelation, point of conversion. This process requires stress, commitment, struggle, and pain. The transformation is a struggle. The transformation is expected to be permanent. The person who completes the process will be able to handle the weight.  When God transforms a man or woman into a role of king, boss, prophet, or CEO; he or she will never go back to the former life.  That is why the road is so hard.

By: Derek Rodgers

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