When life gets tough, change the way you think!

Have you ever believed that you had to wait until things calmed down a bit in your life before you could ever get your life…

Have you ever believed that you had to wait until things calmed down a bit in your life before you could ever get your life together?

Life never calms down when you rather wait until the next day to live the life you deserve. If you want your life to be satisfying, you must make the most of what you already have and stop waiting for life to become “perfect.”

Learn how to go at your own pace to recognize your limitations and start appreciating your progress. This should give you deep awareness of your enthusiasm. When you start seeing the world more differently your perspective on life becomes unique and distinct.

Life is challenging, one minute we are on track and the next minute, we fall off track.  Many times  starting over can be a dreaded experience because of the discomfort and the fear of being overwhelmed.

We wait for someone to save us just to get us out the rut we are stuck in because we are too frightened by making decisions leaving everything to chance ,when we know deep down inside we have to save ourselves.

We must be in control of our thinking to create new patterns towards our behaviour, happiness, and success. Why? Because it’s your responsibility in order to allow change within your life to become sustainable. Here are some simple steps to take control of your thinking and change your life:



  1. Exercise your Thoughts with Responsibility
  1. Don’t inject drama into everything you do that positivity won’t allow.
  1. Remove yourself from people who don’t benefit you to allow you to grow.
  1. Don’t pretend that difficulties don’t concern you.
  1. Don’t lack your Focus and get comfortable with your current existence, this is known for belief that you don’t deserve better, the truth is you do deserve better.
  1. Don’t become paralyzed by fear, never give power to fear, it robs your joy and slows down your progress….
  1. Look out for positive in every situation
  1. Allow your enthusiasm to be contagious – your world will look so much better around you
  1. Celebrate your achievement you may get your greatest joy by encouraging people.
  1. Freely show your appreciation of others – when you stay positive it becomes powerful for others to realize it is grounded in reality.

By: Latoya Stegall

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  1. Katrina J says:

    Great post!!! Thanks.


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