Quarantine & Chill: How to Occupy Yourself While at Home

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is something that the world has never seen before. Travel plans and vacations are cancelled, and industries of all…

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is something that the world has never seen before. Travel plans and vacations are cancelled, and industries of all kinds are suffering, from airlines to entertainment. Movie releases have been pushed back, and streets in major cities around the country are empty. With schools, businesses, and entertainment venues closed to prevent the spread of the virus, a lot of people are stuck at home, waiting for life to return to normal. Admittedly, these are scary and uncertain times, but it does not mean that they have to be unproductive times. With a majority of Americans at home or working from home,  people are wondering what they can do with all of this free time. These are just a few ways that you can occupy yourself and keep busy while at home. 

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The first thing you can do is to take on an exercise regimen. Since gyms are closed, you can continue your quest for your summer body, just in the comforts of your own home. Get your hands on some gym equipment or download a fitness app on your phone (I recommend Daily Yoga) and get your fitness on! Exercise is also an excellent way to relieve stress, so if you are feeling stressed while at home, a fitness routine can make you feel better and possibly alleviate some pent up stress. You could also take a walk or run around your neighborhood or in a nearby park if the weather permits, just remember your mask. If you do choose to walk/run at a nearby park, please do so safely and maintain a distance of six feet or more from anyone else in the park.

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A second suggestion is learning a new language. There are apps like Duolingo that can teach a variety of languages, from Spanish to Navajo. Duolingo is an app that is great for beginners or for people who just need a refresher course. Learning something new can be a resourceful tool during a time like this, and it is something that you can use in everyday life. Learning a new skill can be useful for keeping your mind sharp and preparing yourself for when you go back to work or put you in the running for a new job when life goes back to normal. It can also be useful when traveling is permitted again.

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A final suggestion is to binge a series (or two) on Netflix. Having a lot of free time on your hands, take this time to relax and watch the latest Netflix craze. Tiger King is one of the most popular Netflix series out right now, but don’t feel pressured to follow the trends. Take some time to browse and watch something that you have never seen before, maybe even rewatch something you have already seen before. Consider a movie you have never seen before or a series that you would not usually watch. You may find that you like things that you previously did not know.

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These are uncertain times, and you may feel the need to fill up every moment of free time with some activities. However, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to relax and enjoy your time at home. Also, you should avoid using phrases like “I’m stuck at home” or anything similar. Instead, try using phrases like “I’m safe at home” or “I’m protecting myself and others.” These phrases can change your mindset into a more positive one, make you feel better about the situation, and you can avoid spiraling into negativity. The best thing you can do is keep a positive mindset. Staying positive can improve your overall mood, and it can help you refocus your mind on what you have instead of focusing on what you do not have. Finally, understand that this quarantine will not last forever and that we will make it through this together!

By: Lauren McKeithen

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