Here are our top 5 Features of the year 2017!

Most Read, most viewed, most liked, most shared etc… M-lifestyle has been pumping out feature stories and interviews all through 2017, and here are the…

Most Read, most viewed, most liked, most shared etc…

M-lifestyle has been pumping out feature stories and interviews all through 2017, and here are the top five most read stories;

Kelli Lemon is the face of Richmond, Virginia. Everywhere you go in this city, her face or name is somehow associated. And that is because Lemon puts herself in others’ lives. “She has worked in sports (Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Athletics), music (Radio One Richmond), entertainment (VCU Student Programming) and food (Mama J’s) industries. Despite these experiences, all of which have opened the door to present day opportunities, Lemon quit everything in December 2016 and decided to become a social change agent.” Lemon has worked hard to help others reach their goals, as it is her goal to help others and her city.

Deborah Ojengbede, aka Debbistixx or Deb, is not what others usually envision when they think of a drummer of a hit band.  Straight out of Nigeria, Debbie began playing the drums at 10 years old by ear. The musician gives credit to her church for pushing her through the barriers a female drummer and even more so, what one from Nigeria faces. The drummer got her break on social media; where B.O.U.Q.U.I, a popular gospel singer and rapper in Nigeria, posted about needing a drummer. Soon after the post, Deb received so many notifications and tags for the post that B.O.U.Q.U.I then soon reached out to her. The two met up, Deb auditioned and the two h. Now this unconventional musician is making strides in the industry.

Brewer’s Café is the dream that almost didn’t come true. The café has been featured in the New York Times, but before that it was just an idea. Ajay Brewer was a modest stockbroker when his friend presented him with the insane idea of quitting their jobs and opening a coffee shop. At first, it seemed the dream was just that. Ajay stated “A month into trying to opening it, I didn’t have the faith it would happen. So 3 months after quitting, I walked back to my employer with my 5 month old son, Parker in hand and asked for my job back. It was quite humbling for me. My former boss said no. That day was when I wrote a 70 page business plan. It was the defining moment for me”. So instead the shop opened in October of 2015. It took many surmounting many hurdles  and encouragement from those around them, but the two were finally successful. And now they’re the coffee shop of Richmond.

The S.T.E.M. field is not the most diverse place. In fact, Dr. Duran Williams is one of the few African American men in the field. Originally, Duran had dreams of pursuing a career in law. Williams cites his mother as his influence in his change in career from law to pharmacy, she would stress often how important it was to have African Americans in the S.T.E.M. field and gave him support to do so. William’s experience at Hampton University is what allowed him to grow and gain experience for the real world. William’s later worked in DC and then eventually Richmond. William’s then started his organization Can I Get a Word. The organization is a spoken word group that does outreach in communities and prisons to help inspire people. Duran is on a mission to stomp out negativity and motivate others, like his mother motivated him.

Sona has been making hits songs in the UK Afro beats scene since 2014 with songs like No Wahala and Ijo Sona. But 2014 was short lived when an unfortunate incident meant the singer would have to serve some time. In 2016, the singer made a comeback and has been on a mission since to prove he is the most exciting thing on the air waves. “One of Sona’s biggest tracks since he’s been back has been his feature on Sneakbo’s song Hurt Nobody. Sona’s catchy chorus and verse adds Yoruba-laden, Afrobeats flavour to a song that addresses struggles and success.” The singer wants to address his personal struggles, and the support of fans is what keeps him motivated.  Sona has been working hard to prove that he is more than just party anthems and is back making hit songs like Ginger and selling out venues on his way back to the top of the UK Afrobeats scene. Sona rounds out 2017 with the catchy and effervescent single; Who’s Badder which is already receiving rave reviews.

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