3 Life Practices that will help you Create Balance in 2018

With our fast-paced lifestyles and many responsibilities, it’s important to create balance. We must understand that spending too much energy in one area of our…

With our fast-paced lifestyles and many responsibilities, it’s important to create balance. We must understand that spending too much energy in one area of our life will cause us to suffer in other. For example, eating too much of that famous holiday dressing and not following up with some serious cardio, will create some bloating we might not be too proud of. When we have too much on our plate (pun intended), we get overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed can cause procrastination, which ultimately leads to unmet goals and lost dreams. To stay focused, we must create a balance in our daily routine. Not sure where to start, here are three simple life practices that will create harmony in our millennial lifestyle.

  • Master the basics

Adulting is hard, even our parents say this when they’re trying to make a point. However, if most of us learned how to manage and master the basic skills of adulting, we would be more prepared.  Think about yourself as a whole person. Assess your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. How do you feel about where you are in life? Do you need to learn more on finances, parenting, health, spirituality, cooking, taxes, or credit? These basics are what we must master to create balance. Having mastered the basics, we’ll be able to plan and live out the life we’ve dreamed.

  • Plan

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Simple as that. No more setting New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to plan and strategize success moves. List three goals you wish to accomplish in 2018. For each of your goals, create the first two actions items you need to get started. Don’t let your goals intimidate you so much you never accomplish them. Create smaller goals that will help you attain the overall goal in the end. Planning will keep you focused on the ideas before you.


  • Forgive and Forget

A cold heart is not good company. You have no zeal for life and that will kill you sooner than heart disease. Forgiveness gives the heart a moment to breathe Prana (the breath of life.) It will allow light to flow through your heart fluidly. You would think forgiving and forgetting will go hand in hand. However, for most people forgiveness is easy but the pain they’ve felt is a constant humming sound, in the back of their mind. Don’t be that person. Forget that pain because it’s holding you back.

Imagine waking up every morning not dreading your day of responsibilities. Imagine feeling complete, with an understanding that these responsibilities are what mold you to be the person you’re destined to be. As millennials, we are addicted to instant gratification. We want results right now in every area of our life. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but the universe doesn’t work like that. We are supposed to live out a journey of self-discovery and balance our inner and outer beings. This will take work and consistency until its second nature to us. Creating balance is the new happiness.

By: Jillynn Reese

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