Real TV is Back and It’s Refreshing AF

In a world where Love and Hip-Hop has become the “reality TV” norm, it’s breath-taking to have a show that mirrors the real-life struggles of…

In a world where Love and Hip-Hop has become the “reality TV” norm, it’s breath-taking to have a show that mirrors the real-life struggles of the average millennial. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good fix of “ratchet TV” and the drama that comes along with it; however, it can get mentally draining and exhausting to keep up with. From messy love triangles, family dynamics, you name it- the media has turned us into people who thrive from watching the drama of others on our TV screens. Luckily, for those of us that miss the authenticity of television, our prayers have been answered through shows such as Insecure.

Issa Rae has brought raw, real-life emotions to television through her candid characters that are sure to have you saying “this is so me” a few times too many throughout the episodes. This show, in its second season on HBO, depicts the true dynamics of making it while in your 20s. Typically the “on-screen” version of relationships shows you the perfect man or woman, the “love at first sight” romance, or other far-fetched Disney fairy-tale like relationships that leave you feeling like your love life will forever be in shambles, but not Insecure. It hones in on relationships, the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes along with dating while trying to figure life out. Whether you are the casual dater, the one who’s in a relationship, or the one seeking the perfect mate; there is a situation in Insecure that will speak to you.

Another amazing concept that Insecure displays are the millennial woes of the workplace. Mainstream media often paints the misleading picture that upon graduating college things will magically fall into place for you; however, the “life” detector determines that this is a lie. Issa and her astounding team of writers manage to accurately portray the challenges of the workplace in our day and age. From self-entitled co-workers, to racial stereotypes and let’s not get into the salary gap between black women and their white male counterparts, the show shines light on the ugly truth behind the worries of the millennial in the workforce. The show captivates its viewers because you can relate to petty co-workers, dead-end jobs, and working for or in companies that you feel dim your light.  It’s also rewarding to watch the characters grow and develop in their careers; you know the things they leave out in some of the movies and shows. You feel inspired to stick through things, work hard, demand respect and make a career that fuels your passion.

Just when you’re like “ok, this show is too real, too relatable, what’s the catch?” Insecure does it again! From Lawrence being nervous about his encounter with the police, to Molly thinking that counseling is something that “only white people do,” even the subtlest actions within the episodes speak volumes to young people of color and even to those who are not. It’s thought-provoking, real-life and has even sparked a friendly gender-war on Twitter. Insecure is the refreshing, authenticity that we missed on television. Issa Rae has taken her viewers by storm by creating a series that reminds us that although life is lit for 20-somethings, sometimes things fall apart and sh?! hits the fan. Nevertheless, you must keep pushing, because in retrospective, everyone has insecurities about blossoming into a real-life adult, but it’s up to you how you manage to work around it and just flourish.

By: Shanique Yates


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