From Sky-high dreams to a successful reality

Noble Madu was born with an intense sense of curiosity that made him go on a search for knowledge, and how one acquires knowledge. Born…

Noble Madu was born with an intense sense of curiosity that made him go on a search for knowledge, and how one acquires knowledge. Born into a strict Nigerian household, Mr. Madu went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

While pursuing his degree, Mr. Madu decided that just going to class was not enough. The process of attending meetings,  networking, and negotiating business deals while attending class was not always easy for Madu. However, refusing to take a break, it was only a matter of time before he launched his first marketing company then technology company. That marked the beginning of a dazzling and unforgettable journey towards changing the modus operandi for entrepreneurship. Four years later, Mr. Madu evolved his Go-getter mentality into a Go-giver mentality. His vision to impact others led him to create the Dallas Millennial Club.

Noble has been quoted saying, “The word millennial is more than an age or generation. It’s a mindset. Millennial is literally defined as a period of a thousand years.”

The Dallas Millennial Club has a thousand year vision to assemble members to volunteer, develop and influence the communities in which they live and work; creating a legacy of impact on a local and global scale. The Millennial Club hosts networking events, workshops, volunteer events and more every single month in order to build community and synergy between thought leaders and members. Unlike many clubs, which often focus on wealth and status, the club aims to organize a community of members that have something in common: SERVICE. A lot of Mr. Madu’s service and volunteer work is geared around education. Mr. Madu has a huge passion to volunteer and fundraise for students to study and dance in the fields on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Dallas Millennial Club has adopted STEM education as an important pillar of service.

Mr. Madu is good-natured, with a strong sense of charisma which lends itself to better connecting with his surroundings. Growing up with a delay in his speech it was difficult for Noble to communicate with his peers, even to a point where Noble feared going to school as a child. Countless of hours in speech therapy and prayer allowed him to push through this challenge. In his freshman year of college, Mr. Madu completely transformed himself into someone seen as the ultimate resource, by connecting people with things, and people with people. Despite his past challenge of communicating with others, Mr. Madu knew that he had a future of connecting with not just people around him, but the world.

At only 25 years old, Mr. Madu has had the privilege of being awarded the 2017 Top Entrepreneur Under 40 in Diversity and Impact by the Governor of Texas and the respected Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce, for his impact as president of the Dallas Millennial Club.

“Individual awards do not show the amount of people that it takes to get to one point. People around me like Arnold Lawson, Christiana Yebra and more have really taken a shared vision as their own and pushed it to new heights.”

Noble Madu will continue to redefine the word Millennial, by changing and molding generations of people and businesses alike. He hopes that he can help more people to do more and be more. As he empowers others to succeed, he truly believes he will find more success. It seems that Noble is truly NOBLE in his pursuit of impact.

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