UBER for Kids?… Hello Kidz Cab!! Meet the founder – Aireal Taylor

    For some parents, getting their children to school and then getting to work on time themselves can become troublesome, but for  parents who…


  For some parents, getting their children to school and then getting to work on time themselves can become troublesome, but for  parents who live in the Troy area of Michigan all of that is about to change.  Part time accountant, Aireal Taylor has started an innovative and targeted business that will assist parents in getting their kids to school. Kidz Cabs is a children’s transportation service that drives children to and from school and similarly for extracurricular activities.


  The idea to create a business of this caliber was not something that Taylor had previous been planning. The idea stemmed from a class assignment where students were required to develop a marketing plan for either a product or service. Aireal and her husband later  brainstormed a plethora of ideas, her husband eventually came up with the idea to have a transportation service for children. The program has already registered 100 students, but currently Taylor is the only chauffeur. She is currently looking to hire additional drivers and is in the process of acquiring a second vehicle shortly. Taylor’s overall vision for Kids Cab is to see the service grow and expand into the Oakland County area and possibly to the rest of the United States of America.

            The original idea to start the business originated in June 2014 and shortly after Taylor decided to take advantage of the resources that the Small Business Administration (SBA) in Michigan had to offer. She collaborated with a business counselor in order to develop an in-depth business plan, which allowed her to see the areas that needed improvement or questions that needed to be answered before starting the business.


Aireal talking to an interested parent

      Once she developed a solid business plan she began to further establish her brand and created a website where parents can create an account in order book trips for their children. When determining the  cost for each  ride her company provides, Taylor calculates the mileage and assigns a value to it; “We start out from the 0-10 mile range so that trip would be ten dollars, five dollars for every 10 miles from there. 11-20 miles is 15 dollars, so it just keeps going up to 50 miles.” The website also allows parents to track their child’s vehicle.


Whilst starting the business and seeing the amount of support she was receiving, Taylor was surprised at how many parents were interested in such a service. Her main challenge when starting the business was funding, but surrounded by love and support it did not hinder Taylor from succeeding. “I was fortunate enough to have my parents who invested and a lot of people who believed in me and what we’re doing with the business.” Her mother, who is also her biggest supporter, has assisted her tremendously financially and emotionally with the business. “She’s definitely been my rock,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s advice to other future entrepreneurs is to ultimately believe in what you are doing. “There’s going to be a lot of people who will say “you can’t do that” or “it’s too much, you’ll never be able to do it” and if you really believe in what you’re doing then no one can stop you from doing it and nobody can stop you from making other people believe in what you’re doing too.”


smiles all around at the Kidz Cab registration event!


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  1. Lloyd Lowe says:

    Wow what a kewl idea too bad that wasn’t around when I was raising my children as a single parent.


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