Defining Style With An Artistic Lens

To some, art is just a hobby. But for art prodigy, DJiun Wang, it’s a lifestyle. Wang, better known as “DJ” is a Communication Design…

To some, art is just a hobby. But for art prodigy, DJiun Wang, it’s a lifestyle. Wang, better known as “DJ” is a Communication Design major and Fashion Design minor at Parsons: The New School of Design. However, when he’s not hitting the books and working on projects for his classes, he takes New York City by storm with his artistic talents and zest for life. Djiun (1 of 3)final[11]

11[9]I have to create in order to feel fulfilled. I have a lifetime to find myself.

From an early age, Wang displayed his keen eye for art visually and musically. With his inability to keep from doodling in class, the fact that he chose the art industry as his career path comes as no surprise. A self-proclaimed “adventurer” Wang uses his life experiences as the inspiration behind his creations, always striving to expand himself and his vision. As an artist, designer, and photographer, Wang explains “I am always open to finding new experiences. A lot of what I do is portrayed through my artwork.” Playing the role of designer, Wang’s first collection launched in November of 2011. “It was my first photo shoot,” he says “I wanted to create a story, a concept. I didn’t want it to be just like any old look book.” As if the talent behind the collection didn’t speak for itself, what makes it even more amazing is the fact that Wang was just a junior in high school at the time of the launch. Fast forward three years later, Wang is currently working on his fourth collection and worked as a stylist for Brooklyn Fashion Week. With an exceptional work ethic in photography, Wang has had the opportunity to work with various modeling agencies in NYC. He is also a photographer for this year’s New York Fashion Week, capturing the Kodak moments backstage.

DjW (3 of 4)final[20]


As an artist, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. The dominate source of inspiration for Wang is the concept he describes as “East meets West.” With cultural ties to Taiwan, much of his artwork is inspired by his experiences growing up in between “I was raised by both sides so my dual-perspective is definitely portrayed through my work.” Wang also draws inspiration from classical and romantic art, mixing those concepts with minimalistic themes and also using nature as a blueprint for his canvas. Much of his motivation comes from within himself. As a young artist, his youth can be both a blessing and a curse. At the tender age of 19, Wang has accomplished what most artists do much later in their lives. However, Wang humbles himself and continues to let his art speak for itself “I don’t want any special treatment nor do I want people to not take me seriously. I just want them to see my work.” Most of his challenges stem from the fact that he hasn’t had as much time to make connections as his older counterparts. “Sometimes no matter how good you are or what you’ve done,” he explains “unless you know someone on the inside, it can be very hard to get your foot in the door.”

Djiun (2 of 3)final[9]


Despite the challenges Wang has faced, he continues to create and live life through an artistic lens. By keeping an open-mind and continuously striving to explore himself and his surroundings, Wang uses his experiences to challenge himself artistically. “Don’t be afraid to fail,” he says. “Constantly seek to define your boundaries so you know how to push them.” In the future, Wang envisions himself as the Creative Director of his own fashion brand as well as editing a major fashion or art magazine and being a celebrity stylist. Most importantly, Wang hopes to continue to collaborate with other artists and innovators and polish his career as a creator. “I have to create in order to feel fulfilled. I have a lifetime to find myself.”

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