What most women want in a man…

Last December, I asked the ladies on my social media to let me know what they need from men in 2017 and beyond! Some of…

Last December, I asked the ladies on my social media to let me know what they need from men in 2017 and beyond! Some of the response were funnnny! Some were depressing to read, and to some, my response was, ‘and let the church say Amen!’

Ultimately, we all need love, but men and women love differently. It is important for us to appreciate and understand the different ways we communicate emotions to the opposite sex. I think the two extensive responses I got below, summarize how most women feel.

What I want in a man

From my girl, T.
In a man, I do not seek material objects. Fancy dates, expensive gifts, lavish trips… those things are replaceable and temporary. Plus, I can do those things for myself. What I do want in a man one who is God-fearing and God-loving, respects his mother (the way he treats her is the way he will treat you), educated (not just academically, but socially, economically, spiritually, etc…), hardworking, trusting, compassionate, understanding, & confident. Confidence is important because if a man is insecure, chances are that he will be intimidated by a strong, ambitious woman. I want a man who is comfortable not only with himself, but comfortable with his woman being on his level and just as successful as he is. I want a man who can think for himself, one who can lead the pack & not follow others or seek approval from others. I want a man who is not prideful, one who is willing to lovingly address me during our low times. I want a man who is patient…a man with a sense of direction. Or if he doesn’t have it all the way figured out, at least allow a woman to help him along the way. I have no issue with dating a ‘work-in-progress.’ We all are growing & need help building from time to time, just as long as I see him trying, I will always hold out a helping hand. I want a man who is family-oriented. The way he interacts with his family is the way he would interact with a family of his own one day. I want a man who knows just what to say to make me laugh when I’m having a bad day, a man who I can talk to about anything…I mean ANYTHING! From politics, to goofing off about absolutely nothing. I want a man who I can count on, one who can make me feel secure when I’m in his arms. I want a man who can ALWAYS touch me even when his hands cannot REACH me. It is beyond the physical. I want a man who I can introduce to my mother, a man who will not take my kindness for weakness. I do not want a grown ass boy, I want a genuine man.

Gotta cater to “bae”

Homegirl 2

Take me out
Ask me to be your girlfriend
Make me laugh hard
Drive me to work
Pick me up and hold my hand
Feed me popcorn
Hold me tight when it’s time to say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye
Call me baby
Bite my lip
Fix my hair
Tell me I’m the only one for you
Slap my ass
Kiss me to shut me up
Make me feel good
Let me sniff your clothes
Call me at work
Send me flowers
Show up
Love me
Sing me a song
Take care of me when I’m sick
Introduce me to your friends as your girl
Remind me of the first time we met
Ask me deep questions
Read to me
Let’s play fight
Stare at me
Laugh at my jokes
Buy me gifts and hide them from me
Massage my neck
Tell me you love me
Play my favorite song over and over again
Think of me
Hug me
Tell me I’m beautiful
Bring me food
Text me
Save my number as ‘Wifey’

I hope we all find our missing love pieces and enjoy blissful relationships!
Watch out for “what most ladies really want in a man” coming soon!

By Oreofe Ogunkanmi. Check out www.oreofetalks.com for more…

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