The Challenge of Thinking Things Through

Whichever way you think about it, a ‘thoughtful mind’ is a productive mind and consequently leads to a productive life. Thinkers are real. Thinkers will…

Whichever way you think about it, a ‘thoughtful mind’ is a productive mind and consequently leads to a productive life. Thinkers are real. Thinkers will always have something to say, share and provide to the market of ideas, concepts, innovation and creativity. Thinkers are never in want. At least, they will always have new ideas, concepts, new money- generating ideas which mean they will never have to beg or borrow in order to provide for themselves financially.

Do you think that nature is so hostile or diabolical that it would deny you an idea that would put food on your table and provide a stream of cash flow? What are you doing with your ideas? Imagine someone who cannot pinpoint one productive, profound, working thought and idea for his/her life in a year. What one idea have you had, worked upon and put forward this year to better your situation? What one thought has put smile on your face, food on your table, money in your pocket or bank account and ultimately changed your status? What one profound thought have you had to give you a cutting edge? Engage your mind to better your lot and your situation. Everything is possible if you think it.

Thinking is work. It has been proven through research that over fifty thousand ideas can be generated by one’s mind in a day. When Isaac Newton was asked how he discovered the law of gravity, “by always thinking about it” he said. Thinking is work, real work. E. W Kenyon puts it this way, ‘make your brain work, it will sweat but make it work. It will improve; it will develop until you become a wonder to those around you!’ The major problem is, not everybody is thinking. If you are not thinking; you are either sinking or stinking. Start thinking and stop brooding!

People brood when the unfortunate occurs. But with foresight and creative thinking, a lot of unfortunate occurrences could be prevented. Brooding kills, brings confusion, stagnates and causes sickness in the body. Thinking on the other hand, results in a better life. If we think as we pray, and then act our lives would be better for it. But what do we have today, a lot of praying without corresponding thinking and action. A conversation between Revd. Sam Adeyemi and his mentor Bishop David Oyedepo went like this: ‘sir, with all these great projects, your prayer time will be heavy!’ Because my calculations are many, my intercessions are few!’ replied the Bishop. Give your brain assignments. Challenge your brain. It will sort out complex situations for you.

By: John Alabi

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