A Winter Fairy Tale: It’s #Ola2love Season

Some fall in love at first sight while others ease into it. For Abimbola and Peter, it was not love at first sight, it was…

Some fall in love at first sight while others ease into it. For Abimbola and Peter, it was not love at first sight, it was a unique and breathtaking experience. The soon-to-be couple shared this unique experience with our team, and we are excited to give you the full tea…. And by the way, this beautiful couple is set to walk the aisle in a few days!


It was a fateful day when Peter received an unexpected call from one of his cousins who wanted to know if he was currently in a relationship. He honestly answered that although he had lady friends, he was not in a relationship. His cousin proceeded to tell him about Abimbola, a friend of hers. She told Peter that Abimbola was a sweetheart and a good character. All the things that his cousin said sparked Peter’s curiosity. He didn’t think anything of the exchange and concluded it was another attempt to set him up with a stranger, which often did not work.  After requesting to see her pictures and liking what he saw, he got her contact information, and they began to schedule times to talk over the phone.

Abimbola’s first impression of Peter was that he was sweet and very calm. Their first date and every other date remain evergreen in their memories. Peter set out to drive the two-hour route from his home to her parent’s house and got stuck in traffic. She recalls that although he was late to their first date, he brought her a bouquet of roses to make up for his lateness. The gesture warmed her heart, particularly because she did not remember telling him she liked roses. Abimbola had told Peter that she did not want to go to a fancy restaurant because she was more interested in getting to know him. However, Peter chose an Italian restaurant, recalling that Abimbola liked pasta. After dinner, they went bowling, and that’s where the conversation began to deepen. Abimbola recounts, “it gave us the opportunity to assess each other’s behavior.” They discussed their faith, drive, beliefs, and more.

They remember sharing a lot of laughs, which Peter takes the credit for.  The bowling game was competitive. Peter hyped Abimbola up while winning and making her laugh. Abimbola admits that his sense of responsibility is what kept drawing her to him. She describes him as being jovial, but it was evident that he was a man who took his responsibilities seriously and was ready to take care of a home.

Peter, a man of faith, thought it wise to commit his ways to God before getting too engrossed in the potential relationship. After he received clarity, he asked Abimbola to be his girlfriend. Although Peter did not get an immediate response, he gave her time to think and pray about it. Eventually, he got a positive response.


Fast forward to January 2021, and Peter decided to propose to Abimbola. He devised a plan. He informed Abimbola that they would be attending a college reunion together. Coincidentally, Peter had a zoom meeting with his college friends the previous week, making it even more convincing. Meanwhile, Peter had reserved a suite at the Ritz Carlton and told Abimbola that they’d drop off their jackets by the concierge before heading to the suite where the guys had organized a kickback before dinner. The concierge almost ruined the moment when he started asking some questions. So, they decided to get in the elevator with their jackets, and they headed to the room. Unbeknownst to Abimbola, a photographer, videographer, and a group of friends were already in the room. As Peter ushered Abimbola to the room, the saxophonist started playing, and cameras started flashing. Abimbola absorbed the moment, and in a few minutes, Abimbola joyfully said yes as Peter popped the question. Abimbola fondly states that Peter has not stopped caring for her since their first date, and he still warms her heart. This love story leads to the altar in a couple days this winter season. And if there were any doubts, yes fairytales still exist!!!

Written By: Victoria Oyebande

Photog: Akintayotimi

Trad Planning: Pop Events LLC

Wedding Planning: Tums Social

MUA: Sade Falade

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  1. John O. Alabi says:

    A very big congratulations to Abimbola & Peter. Your union shall be the best in Jesus name. Congratulations once again.


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