#classof2016 | Top 10 graduation moments on Instagram

Social media often gives us the worst of society; the lies, malice and slander… but who doesn’t love a good clap back? As Charlamagne tha God…

Social media often gives us the worst of society; the lies, malice and slander… but who doesn’t love a good clap back? As Charlamagne tha God so rightly puts it, “who cares about the truth if the lie is more entertaining?

Then you have the moments when you couldn’t be more proud to be a person of color; those special, one-off days when your timeline is filled with so much positivity and #blackexellence that you cannot help but retweet, screenshot or repost. These past two graduation weekends definitely scored high on the #blackexcellence scale and we would be remiss if we did not share the moments that captivated us. Here are our top 10 graduation moments of the class of 2016

10. Graduation Formation

Kick starting our top ten #classof2016 graduation posts is this GIF that Features 5 ladies in #formation ! What is even better is that our Communications & Recruitment Executive is seated in the middle rocking a gold skirt. Yaaasss JEAN TATUM. Congrats!

9. “Am I finished? Or Am I Done???”

Probably the GOAT of all graduation caps given the timing of it…too bad Birdman did not think to merchadise these. He would have made a fortune.

image1 (3)

8. Dip, Dab and out!

There is no shortage of cute graduation photos featuring couples on social media, but this one stood out a little more to me just from an artistic point of view. Everything from the color scheme, the dip pose, the held gazes and the genuine smiles…It’s a really good photograph!

image1 (1)

7. Lloyd Graduates! “Get it Shawty!”

Yes, the R&B singer Lloyd was also a proud member of the #classof2016 getting his GED this past week! Congratulations Lloyd and good on you for setting a more than awesome example!

6. This is what it’s about.. TRUE GRIT

Coming across this post reminded me of one essential thing…we all face adversity but we ultimately have a choice. We can either choose to fight and emerge victorious or become a victim of our circumstance.

5. The Great 8

What more can I say about these 8 phenomenal women making history in academia. #blackgirlmagic at its best!

4. Smooth Exit. This Nupe can shimmy!

Deep down most guys want to be Nupes. We won’t admit it but that shimmy is too cool for school! I am sure our number 4 entry on the list concurs. #graduationshimmy

?♦️ @jusbe94

A video posted by ????? (@pyramids_and_diamonds) on

3.Mama would be Proud.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald fulfilled a promise he made to his mother who died from breast cancer in 2003, by graduating with a major in Communications and a minor in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.

Before his mom died in 2003 from breast cancer, she told Larry: “Education is one thing nobody can ever take from you. I know you have a passion to play ball, but education is something you can carry for the rest of your life.”

Larry told his mother he would get his college degree and spent the past 13 years working toward it.

credit: ESPN


2. Howard University graduates 43 Nigerian Pharm.Ds

Africa is Rising.

 and the Top #classof2016 graduation moment is…

Obama’s keynote speech at Howard University has to go down as the marquee moment of this graduation season hands down! He was honest and spoke from his heart; addressing black men and women who are at present where he was some 30 odd years ago. He charged them to draw inspiration from the accomplishments of Shonda Rhimes, Beyonce, and himself.

President Barack Obama – Howard University Speech: “Beyoncé runs the world.” #HowardU16

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on

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