Has the media made “Trump hate” a trendy behavior?

Donald Trump is the most famous person in the world. Donald Trump is the most searched and most mentioned name on the internet. Donald Trump…

Donald Trump is the most famous person in the world. Donald Trump is the most searched and most mentioned name on the internet. Donald Trump is reported to have more memes and images uploaded of him than any other person on Earth. Trump is famous and infamous. Why? Why is Donald Trump the most mentioned man on Earth? Is Trump the most popular person because he is good or because he is bad?

The most famous person in the world is usually someone who succeeds at entertainment. Entertainers are adored and worshiped by children and adults. Donald Trump has had TV shows and performed cameos in several movies. But I don’t know if he would classify himself as an entertainer. The famous people are the ones who inspire and bring pleasure to the masses. The most famous person in the world is usually a man or woman who is known for overcoming extreme odds or becoming the first to complete a task. Fame is the result of a person’s work.

Fame is a gift and a curse for famous men and famous women. The new age of social media has allowed anyone to experience fame. The new age of social media has created avenues for businesses and individuals to generate funds through fame. A person’s name can attract attention and internet clicks. Social media allows the image, the name, a video, and a sound bite of a famous person to be used without his or her permission. The methods that news outlets, social commentators, and political institutions use the fame of others to shadow their motives. Fame does not come with rules and structure. Once a person is famous, he or she will be the target of positive and negative people.

A comedian performing at the White House Correspondents dinner made a profound statement. This comedian mentioned that all of the people who were criticizing Donald Trump were actually benefiting from his appointment as the President of the United States. This comedian highlighted the fact that the news outlets will make money through the fame and notoriety of Trump. This statement has proven to be true.

Before the comedian made the comment at the White House Correspondents dinner, it was well-known that Donald Trump was an easy target to generate interest and boost the ratings of any television program. Producers and commentators know that they can use Trump’s name in the title of a discussion and get the attention of millions of people. Trump is good bait. Trump is good bait for the individuals who agree with his ideas and he is good bait for those who disagree with his ideas. Any topic can be labeled Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump.

If you place Trump in any search bar, you will see dozens of topics and mentions surrounding his name. A writer can develop a blog and obtain thousands of subscriptions just by chronicling the actions and policies involving the Trump Presidency. The Trump name will ironically lead to the success of other people. The bloggers who agree with Trump can develop a blog supporting his administration and make a profit. Another blogger who disagrees with Trump can develop a blog criticizing and condemning the POTUS and make a profit. The name has so much value that people will read the blog just because of the subject. The love and the hate surrounding the name will make anyone who decides to write about Trump a success.

This truth will make you begin to question the motives of the people who commentate on the current actions of the POTUS. I see YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts mentioning the POTUS. Many of them get likes and reposts and a high number of shares. Trump’s name will make a video go viral just because it is about him; maybe not because of the content. This begs the question: What is the true nature of the animosity towards the POTUS? What is the source of all the fame and notoriety surrounding Trump? How much of the criticism is based on fact? How much of the criticism is based on fiction?

I am not qualified to publicly criticize any politician. I do not know if the POTUS is doing everything right or wrong. I do not know if the past President was always right or always wrong. What I do know is the media has made Trump hate a trendy behavior. I have seen men and women receive ridicule for making a positive statement about Trump. That is a form of bullying. In my opinion, a person should not be afraid to agree with Trump. If a person can openly hate the President, another person should be able to openly support the President.

Children who know very little information about the duties of a President make public statements about how much they hate the current President. Where did this behavior originate? The media has created this pessimistic attitude. The impact the media has on the minds of unaware people is not a positive one. The truth is not necessary to generate headlines. The focus is on the name. Trump’s name can generate so much money and so much interest that a publication will not need to tell the truth to make their money and sell ad space.

The name of Trump is worth money to his supporters and to his detractors. Trump is winning.

By: Derek Rodgers

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