Much more than a handout, this organization is changing the lives of those in need

Since its inception and foundation in New York City in 1992, Faithful Stewards has strived to defy the norm and do more than the ordinary…

Since its inception and foundation in New York City in 1992, Faithful Stewards has strived to defy the norm and do more than the ordinary for the individuals they serve. A common proverb says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day: teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is directly in line with the work that Faithful Stewards undertakes. As a not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing the physical and spiritual well-being of all those they serve, they are not only interested in helping to bring wholeness to the lives of others temporarily, but also assisting them in bettering their lives long-term.

Whether it was going to shelters and working with babies and children, Faithful Stewards has never shied away from going into the spaces that some stay away from. As a result of what they observed when they first started, they developed the “From Welfare to Job-Fair” program, which assists those in homeless shelters with creating their resumes and finding gainful employment. They are passionate about helping those in need acquire the skills and tools needed for future economic growth and sustainability.

Chaplain (Dr,) Stephen Olujimi, Founder, Faithful Steward Ministries (FASTMED)

Recently, Dr. Stephen Olujimi, a chaplain and the founder and President of Faithful Stewards, has undertaken the task of bringing some of the same social services he and his team have provided to those in America back to Nigeria, where many basic social services are lacking. His organizations has been able to provide scholarships to students who desire to continue their courses of study. They also focus on widows, who are often overlooked, to help encourage them and provide necessary resources to aid them in the development and growth of their businesses. These women are trained in basic accounting skills and are given 0% interest loans to aid in the process. Additionally, just in 2017, Faithful Stewards has provided free medical care to over 10,000 people and built a community healthcare facility for a large community that are seriously in need but neglected. The services range from performing simple surgeries, distributing eyeglasses and providing medications.

Despite wide array of services they continue to provide, Olujimi remains close to his core belief that education is the key to power, knowledge and progress. To this end, the organization currently has over 20 empowerment centers in Nigeria. These centers provide training to participants to help them gain basic skills and expertise needed to be successful in life. By providing financial support towards commercializing local crafts, increasing the production of local foods, assisting in the placement of low-income students at colleges, and helping to increase the rate of computer literacy Faithful Stewards is improving the lives of others one person at a time.

Whether you’re in Nigeria or anywhere around the world you can get involved and make a difference. By supporting Faithful Stewards through a small tax-deductible donation you can rest assured that you’ll be impacting the lives of those in need. Moreover, because Faithful Stewards depends on volunteers and has minimal overhead costs you can be confident that nearly every dollar given will go directly to those who need it most.

By: Natacha Lorius

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