How a millennial is getting over the post-holiday blues

For some, the holidays can be a very emotional time for a myriad of reasons. For me, my holiday blues are centered on not being…

For some, the holidays can be a very emotional time for a myriad of reasons. For me, my holiday blues are centered on not being where I want to be and all the ways I have done myself wrong over the year.

As 2018 rolled in, those holiday blues stayed persistent and have made it tough for me to get up for work and get started on the projects I wanted to do. We have just concluded the month of January and I still have not gotten a consistent handle on all that I want to do this year.

So, here are some methods that I use (or are planning to use) to help me stay accountable during the year 2018:

  1. Vision Board: This is a tactic that many of my favorite bloggers have successfully used and I’ve decided to do this as well. On a large project board, I have a combination of women who I want to embody in 2018 as well as action words that I want to embody in this New Year. Hopefully placing this board where I sleep every night and waking up to those words will have a positive effect on the actions I take throughout the day to help me towards my goal.

  1. Get into a Routine: The answer to my success is setting a routine and sticking to it consistently. This is what I hear most when successful people get asked, “How did you become so famous?” I love routines but I have a hard time following them and this is going to be one of the things I work hard at this year.
  2. Stay Accountable: This one is open-ended. Personally, partnering with a friend doesn’t really help me stay accountable for very long. So I’m currently trying to find a way that will help me as stay on track with my goals to completion; maybe taking it back to elementary school when teachers used to use large colorful boards to help track our reading progression. For me, seeing that would probably help me better than having to rely on someone to always follow me to the gym and making sure I am eating healthy.

         4. Reward Yourself: Don’t be afraid to spend money on yourself. This is something that I am coming to terms                  with as well. As someone who considers herself average, I work hard to prove to myself that I can do something                and not really giving myself a moment to pat myself on the back before moving onto my next task. It could be                    as small as having a warm bubble bath, watching your favorite show, or having a drink/dinner and catching up                  with some friends.



There you have it, it is not much but these four points will be the key to me achieving my goals this year and maybe some of you if you aren’t using them already. Let me know which ones you have already started to do this New Year and what are some of the goals you are working towards?


By: Kaycia Sailsman

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