Why Are You Killing Us For Merely Existing?

It’s 2020 and we are still fighting against the evils of racism that this country was built upon.  George Floyd’s name may be at the…

It’s 2020 and we are still fighting against the evils of racism that this country was built upon. 

George Floyd’s name may be at the forefront of the protests that have erupted across the globe since he was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, but he is not the only name that we are out to seek justice for. 

The question at hand is what is America going to do about the sickness that has plagued us for hundreds of years? 

Enough is enough and we are tired. Black people are tired of the burden to pick up the pieces once we are shown time and time again that our lives do not matter to the very country that we helped to build. The very country that wears our culture as a mask and conveniently forgets what it truly means to be a Black person in America. 

You love our culture, you love our music, you love our men so why don’t you love us?

I’ll tell you why. We are a fetish. This world fantasizes over all that we have to offer and you have done everything in your power to silence us over the years but we will no longer be silent. 

All that we ask is that you stop killing us for merely existing, but instead you would rather watch the country burn down to the ground than to recognize the issue that is at hand and give us the freedom and justice that we have been fighting for since the beginning of times. 

As Tamika D. Mallory said, “we learned violence from you,” because for all the turmoil, all of the trauma and brutal murdering of our people in the streets we could easily be out here seeking revenge, yet we are just asking for our lives to matter. 

Let that sink in the next time you find yourself not wanting to speak up on our behalf. Ask yourself why don’t Black lives matter before you hop on your next Zoom call with a Black counterpart who  is expected to show up and perform like it’s “business as usual” after yet another triggering video of one of our brothers being killed in the streets that we have sadly become immune to because it happens every single day. 

We can’t go for a jog, we can’t breathe, we can’t visit a convenience store for skittles, we can’t even sleep in our homes without being killed by white people for the color of our skin. 

So the next time you fix your mouth to place a “but” after someone says that Black lives matter ask yourself, why is ending racism in this country such a controversy? 

What will it take for you to truly see us and accept and know that we matter?

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