Trump’s Love Affair With Russia

OPINION: Trump and his cabinet cannot seem to keep their hidden relationships with Russia a secret anymore. Let’s break down who is tied up in…

OPINION: Trump and his cabinet cannot seem to keep their hidden relationships with Russia a secret anymore. Let’s break down who is tied up in this web.

Love from Russia

On the side of Russia, those involved are:

  • Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Russia’s man in Washington.
  • The Russian government. This involves Kislyal, Vladimir Putin, and RT- the Russian backed television network.
  • Russian business interests. Basically a load of shady characters.

So let’s link these lovers to their American counterparts.

America the Beautiful

  • Donald Trump America’s President
  • Jeff Sessions. Attorney General
  • Jared Kushner, adviser
  • Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser
  • Donald Trump Jr., son
  • Paul Manafort, Former Campaign Manager
  • Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State
  • Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce
  • Roger Stone, longtime adviser
  • Carter Page, former adviser
  • D. Gordon, former adviser

So how are all of these people connected? Business related reasons, bribery, and lying mostly. Trump has obvious business relations with Russia and is besties with Putin. Miss Universe used to be held in Moscow while Trump was president of the organization; Trump also looked into real estate in the area and had been in contact with Russian representatives since before his campaign for president. There are also speculations that the election that made Trump president were rigged by Russia somehow. We also know that most of Trump’s cabinet has had long talks with Russia. Perhaps those very talks could be the reason why Russia has been allowed so much leeway lately. But being friends with the former enemies of America has its consequences.

Since Trump and his cabinets’ relations with Russia are being investigated, some worry about Trump’s relationship with Putin ending. Some are worried he will being acting the way former president Obama did. Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said he was surprised Trump started “receding” from his earlier pro-Russian rhetoric about closer cooperation. “Even in the way he talks you can now hear notes of Obama,” he said. “And you can hear in his address (to Congress ): the military budget will be increased by over $50 billion.” With sentiments like these, it could lead a majority of Russia to suddenly turn against Trump and America. And with anti-America sentiments coming from Russia, there are anti-Russia sentiments coming from America. As more and more is revealed about Trump and Russia, and how Trump’s win was possibly a fluke, Americans are beginning to question their relations with Russia.

The biggest impact this love story will have is if it will create another Watergate. Trump and his cabinet attempted to keep ties with Russia a secret. This is similar to how Nixon kept it a secret that he bugged offices of political opponents and people of whom he or his officials were suspicious, or that Nixon and his close aides also ordered investigations of activist groups and political figures, using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Kind of like how Trump might have rigged his winning with the aid of Russia.

So will Trump be impeached like former President Nixon? It seems as though no matter what scandal Trump is involved in, he wriggles his way out. He was somehow able to wriggle his way into presidency, but maybe that was revealed to be a miracle due to recent discoveries. So can he figure his way out of this one?

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