The Dawn of New Day: Change you and change your world!

A new dawn is here. Change has come to stay.  Change is inevitable. A change of mind, focus, beliefs, perspective, attitude, character, manner, behavior, ethics…

A new dawn is here. Change has come to stay.  Change is inevitable. A change of mind, focus, beliefs, perspective, attitude, character, manner, behavior, ethics and etiquette to mention but a few.  Change is here with us. It is not business as usual. Conservatism, traditions and the status quo must be done away with. Break into a new world! Break into a new life. Break into a new you. See beyond you. See beyond your eyes and see with your mind. Envisage, project and picture the new you. See you emerge. See beyond this present level. Imagine the unimaginable. Expect the unexpected. Work on the impossible. Fly and soar with the wings of imagination. Propel your wings. Spread your tentacles globally. Who says you can’t do it? Who says it is impossible?

It may be difficult but not impossible. Hinder your hindrances and see instances. Limit the limitations and obstruct the obstacles. Change you and change your world. It is possible. It is real. It is not a fantasy. It is your long awaited desired change. See it. Work upon it and walk upon the high places. Others have done it, why can’t you? And why won’t you? You think they are better than you? No. They only dare the impossible. Confront your fear and conquer it once and for all. Yes. Do it now. Go for your change. Go for your change of status. You are almost there. Fire on. Don’t be tired but re-fire! It is not business as usual. Therefore, engage your mind like never before and do the usual in an unusual way and the uniqueness in YOU will hit the global market!

Change, without dictionary consultation, is a paradigm shift from the norm. It is a complete and 360-degree departure from the normal. It is a total eradication, elimination and a deletion of, “as it was in the beginning, so it is now and ever shall be!” It is a 100% turnaround from mediocrity to excellence. Change is a departure from “thou shall not”, to “why shouldn’t I?” Change is for the inquisitive, innovative, creative, daring, achievers, trailblazers and dynamic in mind. Change is soaring in the world of unlimited imagination. Change is dynamic and it begins with you! Expectantly, many are clamoring for ‘change’ thinking it is automatic. No. It is not. Change is a deliberate and conscious effort for upward movement on the path of excellence. Nothing changes until You change and nothing changes until You change it.

However, change, most often when used, connotes attitudinal, character, orientation, manner and mental transformation, renewal and refinement. But the major enhancer of the aforementioned is geographical, locational and positional change. Change of environment or exposure to a new world leads to mental upgrade. When you relocate or change environment, it radically and drastically alters your attitude, culture, values, manner, character, orientation, thinking, perception and mentality. You wear a new look altogether. A new you emerge with time. We are products of our environments! The first question God ever asked humanity is, “where are you?” A question of geography, but the man supplied a biological answer, “I am naked.” Where you are (place, environment and geography) determines your definition and concept about life, and consequently your economy.

BY: John O. Alabi

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