O’Reilly Gone… A good win for women’s rights

On Wednesday, April 19th 2017, Fox News television host Bill O’Reilly was fired as a result of a series of sexual harassment allegations that came to…

On Wednesday, April 19th 2017, Fox News television host Bill O’Reilly was fired as a result of a series of sexual harassment allegations that came to light recently.

“Mr. O’Reilly and his employers came under intense pressure after an article by The New York Times on April 1 revealed how Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, had repeatedly stood by him even as he and the company reached settlements with five women who had complained about sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior by him. The agreements totaled about $13 million.”

Ultimately, the decision to fire O’Reilly was the right move, just played a little too late.

Fox News knew about the countless allegations, and let O’Reilly continue to hold onto his job and keep harassing women. Bill O’Reilly is a conservative talk show host, known for his railing against the liberal media and agenda. But that is no longer, and many are praising the decision to force out O’Reilly. But while praising the long awaited and overdue termination of a sexual predator, others are wondering why Fox News can fire someone for sexual harassment and the president cannot be held to the same standards.

Singer and celebrity Cher has voiced her opinions on the matter. “3 famous old men…Roger Ailels, Bill O’Neill,& Donald trump have sexually harassed women 4 yrs,two got fired,& one was elected president,” Actress Mia Farrow tweeted “Fox firing Bill O’Reilly is huge and hopefully sends an effective signal to all guys, however powerful, who harass & maul women”.

Congress woman Maxine Waters

Trump’s various allegations of sexual harassment are not only widely known, but actually recorded. When Trump was running for president, there was a release of tapes where Trump recounted how he could do whatever he pleased with women because of who he is. It makes it seem like Donald Trump lives above standards when he is not reprimanded in any way, or that sexual harassment is not taken seriously. There are still supporters of Trump that make it obvious that his mistreatment of women do not matter and O’Reilly seems to have that same support.

There are still those who seem to think O’Reilly was held under a witch hunt. “A day before Bill O’Reilly was fired, his attorney Marc E. Kasowitz put out a statement that claimed the Fox News host had been “subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America.” It went on to say that his lawyers had uncovered “evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestrated by far-left organizations bent on destroying O’Reilly for political and financial reasons,” and this “irrefutable” evidence would be “put forth shortly.””

It is almost like party alignment and supporting the major players matters more than the violation of others, and that someone’s words and pain do not mean anything. People would rather create a conspiracy than admit a face of the party did wrong. Endorsing such demeaning behavior against women just echoes that women do not matter in politics. Not when they run for office, or when they try to get a voice out, or when they speak up about being hurt. Until women are seen as equal to men, their rights won’t be seen.

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