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(OPINION) ICYMI, America elected a celebrity for President, here is the breakdown of President elect Trump’s first month as President-Elect and what Americans may expect…

(OPINION) ICYMI, America elected a celebrity for President, here is the breakdown of President elect Trump’s first month as President-Elect and what Americans may expect from him for the next four years.

Terrible Twos

Trump and tirades go hand in hand, you can expect a Trump tantrum any time his name is mentioned in a way that does not praise him. He has been known to be impulsive and outspoken on twitter all the way throughout his campaign. It is unconventional and somewhat childish that Trump allows himself to be drawn into twitter spats. Someone with his responsibilities should not be so easily influenced by anonymous people over the internet, and should be above trading insults on a public social media site. This person cannot take criticism but is going to be watched and criticized for his every move for the next four years.

Calling All Foreign Leaders

Recently, Trump spoke with the President of Taiwan, breaking US diplomatic protocol on China. He is the first President elect to do so till 1979. The problem with Trump breaking this protocol is that it has heightened the tension between China and Taiwan. Long story short, China wants to bring Taiwan under mainland rule. Trump calling the president of Taiwan is acknowledging them as independent, interfering with a foreign issue. But this is not the first time Trump has broken foreign policy.

In this last month, Trump has also endorsed the Philippines violent anti-drug campaign, praised Kazakhstan’s leader for fantastic success, accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan, and offered a casual invitation to the British Prime minister. The problem with Trump being so casual with other foreign leaders is the lack of diplomacy and the lack of respect for other countries affairs. Trump endorsing the Philippines violent anti-drug campaign is akin to endorsing human right abuses, but also signing off on how another country handles their affairs. Trump praising Kazakhstan’s leader is praising of a publicly criticized communist country. Trump is going free hand, no one is holding the reigns it seems.

Trump’s Pick of the Litter

Since winning the election, Trump has lined up who will be on his staff come 2017, and of course it is based off his approval.

For Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor, Trump chose Steve Bannon. Bannon is the former executive of right wing website Breitbart, and a well-known member of the Alt Right. The Alt Right is a group of islamophobic, white supremacists. In case anyone needed to be reminded.

US President-elect Donald Trump has also named Gen James Mattis, a former marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as his defence secretary.

Donald Trump’s pick for defence secretary is a hard-charging former marine general nicknamed Mad Dog who, despite his rank, regularly rode convoys into combat during the Iraq invasion. He is known for his tactless approach to foreign policy and is inexperienced in international diplomacy.

Even Trump’s own Vice President is a terrifying reminder of what Trump stands for. Mike Pence is homophobic, to say the least. He has attempted to ban marriage equality, endorsed conversion therapy, complained about the passage of the Hate Crimes bill, and more.

Trump is reflecting his values in who he picks, and shaping what America will become.

Settling Scores

On Nov 18, Trump settled the lawsuits against his university for a smooth $25 million. Trump University had been uncovered as a fraud, not really surprising from a failed businessman, and over 6,000 students needed reparations. Actually surprising is that Trump caved in at all. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated in an interview with CNBC that “Donald Trump fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeal s and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university. Today, that all changes.”

So far, Trump has been the man America elected. He has kept up the appeal so many of his voters saw in him. He has proven just what kind of president he will be, and what America will be dealing with the next four years. Whether, anything will change is still yet to be determined. We can only hope that he will be a president for all and one who will guide this country in the right direction.

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