Millennials may have mastered the art of Manifestation…

Being a millennial is interesting. We are the group of young adults who are finally experiencing that fresh scent of “the real world.” However, there…

Being a millennial is interesting. We are the group of young adults who are finally experiencing that fresh scent of “the real world.” However, there is something about our generation that is downright magnificent, that previous generations seem to not see—we have the ability to manifest anything we believe in.


Does the phrase “I’m spiritual but not religious” sound familiar? If you’re a millennial, you’ve heard it enough times. However, there is some truth to this statement. In April 2010, USA Today published an article reporting 72% of Millennials claiming to be more spiritual than religious. Although that was a few some-odd years ago, that number has not decreased.

Those who believe in a higher power referred to as God or not; believe that there is a force that drives them to seek their purpose each day. Millennials are connecting to the divine differently than generations before. We believe that the power of the divine is on the inside of us. Which is why we seek a lifestyle that is in alignment with our definition of happiness.


Millennials use various spiritual practices to connect with the “divine” and seek our purpose in this world. Whether that is through meditating, dancing or volunteering; we use our passions to give back, giving us a direct connection to what we consider a higher power.

We manifest the life we want by writing things down, daily affirmations, and visualization. When I asked a group of millennial business owners how positive self-talk affected their lives, those who responded emphasized how daily affirmations and posting their goals (where they’ll see them often) resulted in a positive effect both personally and professionally.


Being positive is not easy. We must be conscious of how much negativity we allow ourselves to connect with. It’s important that we first learn how to think positively, as negativity can be very destructive.

The practice of self-care is a top priority in our generation and we should be proud of that. Through living and growing we are getting more protective of our spiritual and mental wellness. We are victims of anxiety and burnout, depression and suicide, obesity and laziness, because we allow ourselves to become products of our environment. Tapping into our “better self” allows us to remain focused on the grind and develop a way of living that is suitable for us.


Being a millennial is a journey. One day it can feel like we have it all together and the next day is a hot-mess. We’re filing taxes and buying homes. We’re climbing the corporate ladder and making a difference in our communities. We accept marijuana for the herb that it is, we believe it’s ok to have drinks on a Monday and to binge watch our favorite show- because it’s all a form of self-care. We manifest the freedom to live and not a desire to live for freedom.

Millennials are powerful. We make it a mission to live happily with who we are and inspire our peers to do the same. We use the resources we were given to build communities and to help make a larger impact on the world. Millennials are the masters of manifesting the world we want to live in.

By: Jillynn L. Reese

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  1. YL says:

    A nice article written about millennials There is so much negative press about this generation its great to read something with a different slant


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