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Randy Wilson is a man very much like the rest of us, but he is distinguished by a drive to achieve, which has led him to deal…

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Randy Wilson is a man very much like the rest of us, but he is distinguished by a drive to achieve, which has led him to deal with situations that some of us would not be able to stand, let alone make an impact in. Wilson recognizes that we are all peers, and believes that once humanity as a whole forgets our differences and focus instead on this basic fact, then we can render the assistance that is needed in our communities, countries, and societies.

The owner and CEO of Conscious Consultations and the Director of Hope, Unity, and Freedom Center, Randy Wilson considers himself to be a product of his community and has an innate sense to give back. Such a character is integral because we often chase after success from a selfish point of view, but our success should instead be a liberating factor for those around us, that it may be said “…because we existed; someone else could live…”

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Wilson’s work stands out as he works with individuals living in psychiatric distress, but even more impressive is the nature of this work. Ensuring the well-being of these individuals through comprehensive treatment is an integral job in society. In his role as the Director of the HUF Center, Wilson brings his passion with him; as he starts explaining in our intellectual discussion why people should have a foundation in understanding those with mental health challenges to ensuring that those who are at the front lines are receiving the proper training.

As we wrapped up our discussion, a point stuck out about this individual. Randy Wilson despite his illustrious education up to Masters Degree level, credits his life experiences more for making him the person he is. Your theoretical knowledge is important but you must also learn in the real world how to deal with people, their problems and how to ensure that you stand when challenges faze you; these are the virtues to take you further when push comes to shove. In College, volunteering taught him the benefits of service and of giving back. This has remained integral in his work today; internships and shadowing your life mentors in their field will ensure and keep sharp your focus and ensure you meet the right people (not just to get you a job but for your own personal development).

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View More: http://88lovestories.pass.us/randywilson

A successful individual and an entrepreneur, it is clear to see that Randy Wilson is someone who takes such a challenging role very seriously. This prompted me to ask, what motivates him? Randy explained to me that we are all human and it is not an easy task. I was grateful for this as many people often postulate tips and methods while almost brushing aside the differences between saying and doing. Because of his honesty, I was then able to appreciate and accept Randy’s views that one must constantly motivate oneself- in his case, he reads a lot of self-help books, he ensures that spiritually he is constantly growing and even more importantly; he always remembers his why!

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A paragraph must be dedicated to the “why”. Many times, we focus much more on the process than the reason behind the process. Randy’s son is his “why”. He wakes up early and constantly ensures he remains relevant so that, when his 2 year old son grows up; there will be a trail of integrity and impact for his son to look up to and aspire to. Randy said “…I want my son to grow up and see that his dad was a difference maker…” you see once your motivation goes beyond your personal ego and you are doing it because of something extrinsic to you; the motivation levels peak! In this regard, Randy seeks to remain relevant as a keen understanding that if he were to rest on laurels already achieved, then it is certain that he will wilt away. Nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon; thus as we learn from Randy’s life, we should always remember that with the right “why”, success can be achieved in any field.

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