Our 5 most popular feature of 2018

From the ups-and-downs of 2018, M-Lifestyle has documented new up-and-coming figures in this generation. Featured articles showed readers that all is possible with hard work…

From the ups-and-downs of 2018, M-Lifestyle has documented new up-and-coming figures in this generation. Featured articles showed readers that all is possible with hard work and determination. Here’s a quick look at M-Lifestyle’s top 5 feature articles of 2018!

Johnathan Mayo

#1 Serving Up Change and Making a Difference | Johnathan Mayo

The “entrepreneurial bug” caught Jonathan Mayo at a young age and never went away. After starting a landscaping business at age 12, Mayo continued to find new challenges to bust as he grew up. After working at Bell Atlantic, which would later become the Verizon Wireless, Mayo came up with the idea for his company, Serving Up Change, after Michael Brown’s death in 2014. Mayo wanted to create a forum in which non-profit groups could come into restaurants and speak about their organization. Serving Up Change also occasionally acts as a fundraiser conduit for these non-profits. Because of Mayo’s organization, his community has grown with the businesses he’s helped expand and spread their aspirations.

Tatiana Lee

#2 EXCLUSIVE: When Obstacles Become Opportunities: Tatiana Lee’s Story

Despite—and because of—her Spina Bifida, Tatiana Lee claimed her place in the beauty and modeling world. Her motivation for demolishing barriers for black and disabled women has led to her success. As the first black woman with a mobile disability to appear in an international lingerie ad, Lee has made massive strides for women of color and women with so-called disabilities. But her disabilities haven’t stopped her from following her dreams. Lee undertook the task of becoming the representation young black girls (and disabled girls) need in the media. Instead of allowing her Spina Bifida to stop her, Lee used it to provide motivation for younger disabled black girls. Now these girls have someone just like them in the media. They can see the possibilities that are achievable.

Oyinoluwa Akintola

#3 Breaking boundaries and becoming a doctor by age 23; Oyinoluwa’s story

Oyinoluwa Akintola knew from a young age what she wanted to do—help people. The best way in her mind? Become a doctor; and that is exactly what she set out to do. While most US students finish their education to become certified as a doctor at 29, Akintola finished her schooling at 23 in Nigeria. Although different curriculums, her determination at a young age helped her excel in her career choice. Only once did she waver—but still she persevered despite the exceedingly rigorous exams and grueling schedules.

Novo Isioro

#4 Through the Lens of Novo Isioro- A Trailblazer and Inspiration

Novo Isioro pushes boundaries and forges new paths for women in corporate jobs. As a young girl, Isioro aspired to enter into the corporate environment—which she eventually did, although not in the way she imagined. Isioro became not only Nigeria’s Presidential Documentary Photographer, but it’s first female Documentary Photographer. As she developed her skill, she began to develop a definition for what she does as well. Isioro continues to define who she is and what she does through her talent: proving women can do anything they set their minds to.

Tricia Floyd

#5 From bedside to body goals – Tricia Floyd’s story

Tricia Floyd started out as many others do: wishing for a better body. Before setting out for that goal, Floyd reached her lowest—with her daughter in the hospital who had heart failure. Instead, Floyd and her daughter turned around and proved everyone wrong. Floyd’s daughter not only bounced back from heart failure, but Floyd herself decided to become healthier than ever in thanks for God’s miracle. Now, Floyd trains and challenges herself with competitions like the one the Organization of Competition Bodies puts on. Floyd’s fitness goal were inspired by her daughter’s survival, and inspire others to persevere to attain their own #bodygoals.

By: Piper Loehrke

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    Humbling yet again.
    Thank you MLifestyle
    Cheers to a greater and Multiplying 2019


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