The RNC has been…A Good Show?

No really…The Republican National Convention (RNC) has had everything from junior-high level plagiarism to a surprise appearance of a Hunger Games character!  Here are some…

No really…The Republican National Convention (RNC) has had everything from junior-high level plagiarism to a surprise appearance of a Hunger Games character!

 Here are some of the highlights ICYMI

Melania’s Act Of Plagiarism


One of the biggest shockers to come out of the convention so far is Donald Trumps’ wife Melania’s speech. Throughout her speech there was a feeling that the words sounded familiar and afterwards it was revealed that Melania had plagiarized Michelle Obama‘s speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC). It is not sure how something like this could have happened. Melania most likely had a speech writer, so the blame falls on that person. But Trump and his campaign team are not revealing or blaming the writer or Melania. The incident has definitely revealed more holes.

Racism Unleashed


Donald Trump’s new slogan is “Make America Safe Again,” but the reality is that this does not mean safe for all Americans. The RNC live YouTube stream was filled with racist comments. These types of comments have been prevalent since Trump announced that he would be running in the race. But it’s not just coming from online internet trolls, it’s happening at the convention itself. One protestor who was waving  a flag that read “Anti Racism” was being disrupted by other attendees who tried to block the flag with an American one, making quite a statement.

Third Eye Blind Pulls a Fast One


During the after party for RNC, popular 90s band Third Eye Blind played a song the attendees did not want to hear. Instead of playing one of their catchy tunes, the band sang about gay rights and science. The band did not seem to care about all the boos they were received and instead preserved with  the message they were trying to convey; a  message that most attending the RNC did not seem to care about either.

Rudy Giuliani’s Speech


Giuliani’s Speech gave the crowd the excitement that left them after Melania’s speech. Giuliani spoke about fighting terror, supporting the men and women in blue, testified to Mr. Trump’s accomplishments and heart, and unleashed a stinging critique of Hillary Clinton’s character.  The speech was what the RNC needed to bring together supporters and non supporters under Trump. The crowed cheered the former mayor of New York at the end of his speech, showing their support for what he had said.  Interestingly,  Giuliani’s speech seemed to contradict with some of Trump’s most infamous policies. When Giuliani said that not all Muslims are terrorists and therefore shouldn’t be automatically deported, he made a direct distinction from Trump’s proposed policy for mass deportation of Muslims. When Giuliani said there needs to be love for all, he again seemed at odds with Trump’s discriminatory and racially charged divisive tweets and public outbursts against minorities. It seems the GOP has no choice but to back Trump, and will have to stomach their differing policy views to do so. .

Stephen Colbert Makes an Appearance


Famed comedic/reporter Stephen Colbert made an appearance at the RNC, but not as the Colbert character, but a different one.
Colbert played a lookalike from the movie series The Hunger Games, Caesar Flickerman. No doubt Colbert was attempting to make a statement about the GOP and what a Trump presidency could mean. The series about a dystopian country where there is a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor, and citizens must fight for necessities. Perhaps Colbert was stating that this outcome is most likely under a Trump leadership.

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