How Goes Your Foundation?

What is your foundation built upon; rock or sand? In my findings, some of today’s new type of individuals are building theirs upon sand versus…

What is your foundation built upon; rock or sand?

In my findings, some of today’s new type of individuals are building theirs upon sand versus rock; not realizing that the slightest gust of wind can knock their entire fortress (what they’ve built) down. What am I saying? Well, whatever it is that you’ve built or call yourself building, if it doesn’t have a solid foundation…it will eventually fall.

Don’t believe me or think this is just an opinion? Read Matthew 7:24-27, it’s also scriptural text. In summary, it speaks about one building their house on rock versus sand. The wise man builds using rock, and the foolish uses sand. Verse 27 states “and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” Growing up, this scripture reference always stuck with me mentally and I always tried to make every effort to make it applicable to my life movements. When I would share this with others, I would be sure to also highlight that those ‘rains, floods, and winds’ are like your current life trials, tribulations, and obstacles. If you take notice, it’s not a might or maybe, they ‘will’ come…how well will you prepare? Hopefully it’s with a solid foundation so that you can withstand all that life tosses your way.



Let’s take your reputation or brand for example. Let me simplify it for the new age folks and some of you who just don’t know or may not choose to follow that reference. If all you are known for is doing things to get likes and followers on social media, but there’s nothing meaningful being done in real life (I.e. community work, actions, events, impacting the people somehow), then your foundation out here isn’t being built on anything strong-and any little gust of wind can end it. Funny thing is, often times it’s those with the weak foundation that talk, act, and hold their heads up as if theirs is strong.

How do they base this theory nowadays?

Views, likes and follows. That stuff is like gold to those types. When you talk to them, first thing out their mouths is something like “but it had such and such number of likes views etc.” …as if that’s golden. It’s as if that’s the true determining factor. They may not have the slightest amount of education, life, or work experience, history or track record of doing anything as a change agent at all; but if they’re getting those aforementioned fake stamps of approval or praise in their minds they are really doing something worth mentioning.

What should your foundation be based on? It should be based on: impacting people’s lives in a positive manner, having a long track record of instituting positive change, doing worthwhile/meaningful things, and making powerful impact. Perhaps you’re not only a leader, but you’ve helped create other leaders. Does your reputation speak for itself? Have folks already heard about you (in a positive manner) before you enter the room? If you really get things done. If they highly anticipate your arrival because they’re believing your presence will benefit them. When a diverse group of people know, recognize, & acknowledge your work. When the general consensus is that you do quality work. If you can survive negativity being thrown at you because people already know what you’re about because you’ve been pounding the pavement consistently for a while now. This is someone with a solid foundation out here in the world. This is the type of person that one should strive to be.

Sadly, nowadays some, arguably many, seem to confuse the two and put both of these individuals in the same category. Nope! I hate to disappoint some of you, but they are two totally different individuals. Ultimately, one will last while the other will fall and be all out of options. These are the harsh realities of life. I highly encourage those that are reading this to conduct a self-evaluation and ask yourself, which one are you? What type of foundation have I built with each endeavor, each relationship or each commitment? Which would you liken it to, rock or sand? Understanding now that those rough times (gust of winds, etc.) will come, make sure you’re not only readily prepared for them, but that you’re one with solid foundation and that can confidently stand on what you’ve built. My feet are firmly planted, I’m on my pivot, and I know what I stand for and who I am, my question is…do you?


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