This podcast is giving RVA millennials a much needed outlet…

Building on the commitment to inspire millennials, and share the stories of those who are bold, young, and taking up new challenges; M-Lifestyle launched a podcast…

Building on the commitment to inspire millennials, and share the stories of those who are bold, young, and taking up new challenges; M-Lifestyle launched a podcast late last year.

This podcast is unlike others in the sense that the hosts not only discuss the latest in fashion trends, current events, health & wellness, and more; but they bring a distinct perspective that only millennials, living in the thriving hub for culture- that is Richmond VA ,can possess and articulate.

The podcast, aptly titled M-Talk, the Millennial Show, has three dynamic hosts who each bring a different dynamic and flavor to the show; Kiara J Washington, Hoyt Timmons, and Vincent Ellis White. Each brings something unique and exciting to the show, which is what makes it a growing hit. While each individual hopes to contribute to the overall success of the talk show, they have their specific goals they wish to achieve.

A host of RVA’s political and social activists, as well as prominent cultural curators and taste-makers have already made guest appearances on the show. Some notable guests(/episodes) include, Duron Chavis (of Happily Natural Day), Evandra Catherine, Dave Bey (RISE Up RVA) and Sonja Holt (founder of SCARS).

Kiara is interested in sharing her love for community, arts, news, and entertainment with all the listeners. She hopes to do this by being relatable, authentic and factual. Hoyt hopes to challenge the conventional beliefs of others, while encouraging them to think outside the box. Additionally, he desires to have the podcast be a forum for candid and informative discourse. Vincent, the visionary and idealist of the group, wants to make a positive impact on millennials while helping the show to attain both a national and international acclaim. Kiara, who has a positive and fun attitude, believes that people of color are being misrepresented in the media, which is why she believes in M-Lifestyle’s mission and eagerly accepted the call to join the podcast team.

To Hoyt, honesty is the best way to engage his audience.  Hoyt advocates the belief that in order to combat such negative images of people of color we need to embrace independent media. “My contribution is to change how we are presented through podcasts, vlogs, and independent film. Creative autonomy is the only way for us to improve and dictate the way we are presented in the media.”

Vincent, who serves as the podcast’s director and one of the hosts, describes himself as being “authentically me.” He uses his wit, humor, intelligence, and transparency to best engage with listeners. As for his thoughts on mainstream media, he believes that he can play a part in improving the portrayal of people of color by properly utilizing the m-lifestyle to show positive images and stories of people of color.

In the first half of 2017, all three hosts have demonstrated their commitment to the podcast. Whether it is taking it to a global scale, exposing listeners to different perspectives, or creating more positive images to inspire others; each goal is instrumental in the success of the podcast and the edification of its listeners. Our hosts are excited for what the second half of 2017 has in store, the pieces they will share, the insight they will provide, and the issues they will bring to the forefront. It is our hope that you will tune in and take part in what is expected to be an exciting journey!

Check out a clip from the show!


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