Crystal Influence’s Message is Loud and Clear- “F Yo Couch!”

It’s 2020 and as millennials we’re always looking for new ways to innovate the way we navigate life, which is exactly what Crystal Influence is…

It’s 2020 and as millennials we’re always looking for new ways to innovate the way we navigate life, which is exactly what Crystal Influence is doing with her “F Yo Couch” series in Atlanta, Georgia.

“ I love to influence the culture, but I also like to influence the people who are not a part of the culture, to experience things that they wouldn’t think that the culture is capable of doing,” Crystal mentions as she reflects on why she decided to take up “Influence” as her last name for the events that she curates.

It’s all a part of what she does and who she is as a person- she looks to get people to see beyond looks, race, age, etc. and for them to really think outside of the box, which can attest to her success in throwing successful professional events here in Atlanta for the past five years.

Event-planning was something that Crystal happened to stumble upon after using her biggest influence- music- to hop right in at Blue Cantina on Peter Street and turn what at first was a dull party into one full of life. As she reflected on that first event, that pretty much fell into her lap, she realizes that it was the management at this space that sparked what seemingly already was inside of her.

With her events throughout the city, Crystal has always made a point to play off of trends which include thinking of clever names that’ll just resonate with people.

Once she learned how to throw an event- she began to add other elements. Elements like the set for the “F Yo Couch Series” that was created by DIY expert, Bianca Octavia. Not only did she take the ideas and concepts that Crystal had given her and brought them to life, but she also found pieces, brought them together and even hand crafted things like the foam wall where attendees could take pictures at a vintage-looking phone booth.

The set itself was art so this provided an art exhibit for the party people who also enjoy going to museums and snapping the best visuals for the gram.

This series was birthed from Crystal wanting to provide something different for people where they can be comfortable and not have to worry about fitting into a standard. That standard of having to buy a section in the club is one that she wanted to shy away from, as she believes that we shouldn’t make others feel “little” because they don’t want to pay for a section.

So literally, the concept “F Yo Couch” just worked because it allows people to let their hair down, actually have room to dance (we all know those sections can get in the way in the club), and just be themselves.

Crystal had a vision for her event all the way down to the venue space which she admits she is particularly picky about- she wanted something with an open space and a blank canvas with a certain capacity. She found the space not even knowing that it used to be a church, as it now serves as The Circus School of Atlanta where people train for the circus.

This brought together the whole “F Yo Couch” series, a place where you can be yourself.

With the perfect concept, venue space, and a super dope scene visually Crystal knew that the final touch would be adding in a nostalgic hip-hop act to seal the deal which is why she was excited when Crime Mob was willing to not only attend the event, but perform six songs although they’d only signed a contract to do three.

Looking ahead, Crystal says she’s not sure that there will always be an artist, but she and her team wanted the initial event to be something that they could really remember to see how they can go from there.

When asked what she envisions her 2020 to look like, Crystal added that it’ll be fast and she plans to continue the “F Yo Couch” series throughout the year with different versions that she has already cooked up. She also notes that this is the year for her to give spotlight to people who deserve it- her team. Crystal wants everyone to see the work that she and her team are doing with the “F Yo Couch” series not only here in Atlanta- but all over.

You can catch the next installment of the “F Yo Couch” series on February right in ATL on Friday February 21, 2020 .

 Stay tuned on the series as they continue to grow and expand on IG @fyocouchseries.

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