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Communication is not just the life wire of any organization, it is also the bedrock of any long lasting and sustainable relationship. Similarly, dating and…


Communication is not just the life wire of any organization, it is also the bedrock of any long lasting and sustainable relationship. Similarly, dating and talking. This is the platform and foundation from where – meaningful, long-lasting and enjoyable relationships are built. Dating and talking are both varying degrees of the relationship spectrum. One leads to the other and it is essential that both are done right. Talking to someone you are interested in should be an exciting and engaging experience. You should seek to exchange thoughts and ideas. Taking it to the next level; dating, means that you are ready to delve deeper into the personality of the person you are talking to. You spend time and get to know the other party as well you can.


First impressions can be deceptive and more importantly, things are not always as they seem. This has never been truer than in this social media age, where the true picture and identity of individuals can be obscure and hidden. Beauty, eloquence, elegance, cleverness, skill, gift, talent, outspokenness and other tangible qualities can be misleading. Therefore, engaging a date is as crucial and essential as it affords one the opportunity to know each other better, be intimate or disengage where and when necessary. Dating therefore affords you the opportunity in effect to ‘test the waters.’. Going a date allows you to satisfy any lingering curiosity that arises from talking. The final key purpose of a date is to know whether you both are compatible and share anything in common or not.


When you are on a date be alert and attentive, be inquisitive and interact with your date. Being the perfect date requires that you find out things about your date. Learn about his/her area of interest and what he/she’s ambition are.. Don’t assume to know until you are told. Do not hesitate to disclose your likes and dislikes, hate and love, goal, passion, pursuit, ambition, vision and purpose in life. Find out what inspires, motivates, commands and catches the attention of your date. Talk about as many things and issues as you possibly can. This will give you an indication of where his/her heart is and decide whether to key in or log out of the new relationship permanently.

Dating is a period to open up on your likes and dislikes. This is very easy, particularly because, early on there are no strings attached. After all, you’re both just talking! Hence, you can open up to each other. No pretense. No disguise. No hypocrisy. However, the caution here is, the parties involved should not be too carried away by infatuation or be too passionately engrossed to not notice or observe certain traits and character of a new found date that they find irritating or annoying.


After a series of dates, arrives the decision making stage. Having put all the above variables to work, you may draw up your conclusion in two ways; firstly, when you discover that yourself and your date are growing closer and you two better understand each other, it is advisable to take the relationship to the next level. However, where you see fail to connect or see no viable future with your date …it is advisable to quit.


By: John O. Alabi

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  1. joel says:

    Nice one sir….more wisdom and grace!

  2. Courtney says:

    Great article! I like how you made the point that becoming overly infatuated can obscure red flags. So true.


    Great article, sir more wisdom and grace for your passion.


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