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When we are on our way to and from our destinations, we pass by hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people. Each and every person…


When we are on our way to and from our destinations, we pass by hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people. Each and every person that you catch a glimpse of has somewhere to be, as well as having a story. There are very few who you see walking in a direction towards kindness and passion, towards a career that begins on a whole other level, a path that would involve helping women become the successful and powerful individuals they strive to be, women who want a successful business, women who want to be entrepreneurs. Meagan Ward is such a woman.

Meagan Ward is what I would call an innovative, self-driven woman who seeks nothing but purpose as a reason to continue moving forward in life. Inspired by her mother, who acts as a role model for other women, and her grandfather, a driven entrepreneur, it would only be a matter of time before she would open the first door to her profound success.


In spite of having to carry a full load of attending college, working two jobs, volunteering, and helping out her family, Meagan truly believed in herself. “I would kind of say to myself, damn I’m powerful.” In the year of 2013, she created a business called, Creatively Flawless, which holds business owners accountable towards branding their businesses towards excellence, while helping to determine who their target market is, who they are as a brand, and helping them identify themselves as to what their business should be all about. Meagan is beyond doubt an extraordinary woman with the desire to take as much as she possibly can, refusing to stop when the road ends, refusing to fall when she trips, and refusing to run when she is scared.


In the year 2014, merely a year after starting Creatively Flawless, Meagan started another venture: “The Powerful Women,” which was created based off of the sole purpose to serve womankind. It aims to cultivate a culture of excellence for women through high standards and accountability. Meagan founded this organization as a way for women seeking to become successful entrepreneurs, to connect and network amongst each other. It all began when Meagan came up with a wonderful idea of starting out her own branding agency that had one beautiful goal in mind, to service women entrepreneurs, while guiding them to starting their very own businesses. Amongst these highly self-driven women, many of them had extraordinary business ideas. Consequently, Meagan noticed a spark that would only get brighter and brighter.


Since then “The Powerful Women” has come to the spotlight as a networking group for women, which is a mixture of entrepreneurs and professional women across the country. Not just any ordinary women, but these would be women who pride themselves on excellence and have standards for not only one another, but also themselves. “The Powerful Women” attracts and encourages women from all over the country to come together and form relationships, which ultimately help them to collaborate with one another. This group has turned into a powerful entity in which women are bound together by similar goals and mindsets. They have a common goal, which to become the powerful and business oriented entrepreneurial women they can be, all while having excellence, class, and grace.



Approximately 6.7% of the world’s population attends college and earns a degree. Even fewer are motivated to go out and start a business, not to mention, one that had the goal of seeking likeminded individuals and giving them the opportunity to achieve something bigger than themselves. “When you start your own business, ask yourself, do you have a purpose?” From starting her very first business while in her junior year in college, all the way to changing the lives of hundreds and soon to be thousands of Americans, Meagan Ward is truly one of the few individuals who really makes a difference in not just her own eyes, but the eyes of anyone who recognizes her for what she has truly done to change the way people achieve their goals. This includes the hundreds of women who would look up to Meagan as a strong figure, a role model who will go on to continue to change people’s lives, by letting them know that getting there is all about one essential element- purpose.

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