Yes for BET | Why BET will have us on lock this year

Whatever is going on at BET, we are so here for it! It is evident that Black Entertainment Television (BET) had been prepping for the…

Whatever is going on at BET, we are so here for it!

It is evident that Black Entertainment Television (BET) had been prepping for the turn of the new year (2017), perhaps, much more rigorously than it has done in years past.  We are only a month and some change into the new year, but already the network, which is run by VIACOM, has rolled out new programming that has got the masses paying attention. The days of incessant slander on #blacktwitter and everywhere else may be coming to an end.

It began with the #NewEditionStory; arguably the best put together biopic in modern times. Everything from the Story-line, directing, casting & acting, to the wardrobe and styling was spot on. The movie unfolds as realistically as possible, and anyone who watched the 3-day mini-series could attest to the fact that it was indeed executive produced by New Edition themselves. It’s authenticity was palpable and it drew the viewers into the complex, unfair, dangerous, and fast-paced superstar life of New Edition. I enjoyed every bit of Woody McClain aka Woody the Great’s Bobby Brown character that provided the chagrin that plagued New Edition as a group throughout their illustrious career. If you haven’t seen this biopic yet, you need to find out when it plays on BET again because it was, oh-so-good!

Then came “Madiba”…

Another 3-part mini series on the life of Nelson Mandela played by Laurence Fishburn. “Madiba” attempts to depict the life of Mandela from his mid-20s all the way up to his later years and even though trying to capture the very essence of a global hero like Mandela is a step to far, for any big screen, “Madiba” looks good…very good. The cinematography is impressive, as are the accents of Fishburne and the rest of the cast who are not of South African origin. Unlike others who have played Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman, Idris elba), Fishburne’s rendition, in my opinion is less cringe-worthy.

“The Quad” brings HBCU life to the small screen

This is the biggest reason why I think we will all be tuned in to BET more this year. On February 1st, 2017, BET debuted the hour and half long pilot for what I think will be a hit TV series; The Quad. Felicia D. Henderson, the genius who brought us “Moesha”, “Sister, Sister” and “Soul Food” is the brains behind this one also. Her track record alone should be enough to sell you on “The Quad”.

“The Quad” pilot. Anika Noni Rose as Dr. Eva Fletcher and Jasmine Guy as Ella Grace Caldwell. (Photo: Annette Brown/BET)

It follows Dr. Eva Fletcher (Anika Noni Rose) as she moves from a small town in Connecticut to take on the daunting task of running the fictitious Georgia A&M University (GAMU). The premiere was filled with all things that make college shows amazing guilty pleasures. I’m talking scandal, endless petty drama, numerous story-lines, budding romances and even murder. Not to leave out, football, marching bands, cheer leaders, Fraternities and house parties. Miss college already? Here is to hoping that the rest of the season lives up to the pilot. If it does, then BET will have you glued to your couch every Wednesday night.


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