Here’s why you aren’t made to fit in…

If anyone can remember the video game Tetris, then you’d remember it to be a certified classic. The goal of the game was for each…

If anyone can remember the video game Tetris, then you’d remember it to be a certified classic. The goal of the game was for each player to strategically rearrange the shapes as they come down from the top of the screen, and have them fit into the shapes at the bottom. Tetris becomes extremely difficult when the levels begin to advance, the shapes begin to come down faster and this leads to a pile up at the bottom. Once you get the shapes to properly align with the shapes at the bottom, the applicable individual pieces are deleted and it makes space for a new shape. Sure, the game was fun, even addictive, however as I got older and went back to play it as an adult; I learned an unexpected and most valuable life lesson from it. We aren’t made to fit in.

This is why most of the time when we try to fit in we feel uncomfortable and ultimately carry regrets for the sheer fact that we even tried to fit in from the very beginning; sort of like the game …where you get deleted as soon as you “fit in”. Something inside of me tells me that getting ‘deleted’ possibly could’ve been the best thing that ever happened to me as a youngster because now as an adult I know better than to attempt to fit in again.

God didn’t create us to just be ordinary, mediocre, or the same as another individual. It is correct that we were all made in God’s likeness, however we all are different and have individualized, unique, and specialized gifts that he has placed inside of us that are waiting to be unleashed and shared with the masses. Those specialized gifts can’t always be properly utilized, explored, nor implemented if you’re spending all of your time trying to be like the next man or woman. YOU AREN’T MADE TO FIT IN WITH EVERYONE ELSE! You are special.

I would like to encourage the readers today with three quick tips:

#1: be able to recognize when you don’t fit in and realize that it’s okay.

#2: Find out what makes you unique and the reason why you don’t fit in.

#3: Fully maximize and master your uniqueness and make it work for you. It should align with your divine purpose in life, it should also be your passion, and it should make you stand out.

My discovery of this phenomenal truth is one that has altered my vision and thoughts on life in a most intriguing way. Now I analyze and interpret many things differently, sometimes even viewing things in reverse to the way that they are explained that they’re supposed to be viewed. Tetris appears to be a pretty basic and simple game, only getting more difficult as the levels increase; however, what if this was the creator’s way of showing us that we can be more than just someone that fits in to the crowd?

It is my hope that you not only take this advice to heart and mind, but you also recognize that this goes far beyond a game that we may have grown up playing; it applies to your existence in life and fully maximizing your potential to be the greatest individual that you can possibly be.

By: Vincent Ellis White


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