The Start Of A Journey To Forever | Abimbola & Peter

The Trad: Culture is who we are and what we make it to be. The atmosphere was warm and intimate with the joyful presence of…

The Trad:

Culture is who we are and what we make it to be. The atmosphere was warm and intimate with the joyful presence of family and friends.  The traditional wedding of #ola2love was not a typical one with calabash and leaves behind where the couple sat as we see in some weddings but a contemporary traditional wedding.  It was a combination of where the couple came from and where they met. Proper and deliberate plans were put in place to embark on this journey of love.

Peter & Abimbola
Bride,, Bridesmaid & Groom- Abimbola, Sharon, Oreofe, Doyin, Olamide, Melody & Peter
Groom & Bride: Abimbola & Peter
Groom & Groomsmen: Alpha, Craig, Peter. KC, Osayi & Sam

The food was extremely good as almost every person took another round of meal. The vendors were the ones Miss Mo, the traditional wedding planner had worked with in the past and she was certain that they were the best. She was deliberate about what the couple wanted. The ambiance and the love were authentic. Throughout the wedding, one could tell that the couple were friends. There was no seat warmer as there was something for everyone to do per time. The traditional wedding was an appreciation of the culture of the couple. It gave the audience the feeling of being Nigerian even if they were not.

The Couple in their 2nd Traditional Outfit- Peter & Abimbola

The White Wedding:

As Abímbólá walked down the aisle, Peter’s heart melted. He was grinning ear to ear as he saw the love of his life, the one he would walk with on the journey to forever, in a beautiful satin white princess dress looking so beautiful as she walked down the aisle. As Peter saw Bimbo, he knew from the deepest part of his heart that indeed Abímbólá was the one for him. According to Mrs. Dolapo George, the CEO of Tum Socials who was also the wedding planner of the white wedding, the white wedding would be described as an elevated elegance. Bimbo, the bride was a princess kind of personality as well as Peter, the groom, who was constantly a romantic occupied with the business of charming his bride.

The Bride- Abimbola reading a note from her Groom
The Couple
The Bride – Abimbola
The Couple with the Bridal Party – (Alpha, Sam, Olamide, KC, Peter & Abimbola, Craig, Oreofe, Melody, Osayi, Doyin,
The Groom and Bride | Peter & Abimbola

Tum Socials designed a blush paradise based on the personalities and vision of the couple. The room was decorated with soft yet bubbly flowers, glass chairs and tables leaving one with no doubt that one is indeed in paradise. Food, amongst other things is what the audience looks out for when invited to a wedding. Hence, the wedding planner was tough on the vendors so that #ola2love could indeed be a bliss. Peter surprised Bimbo with a very sweet letter of love that day as Bimbo tried to hold back the tears of sweetness by blowing some air to her face. On the program schedule was a special performance that nobody had any idea of what the performance was going to be, only to see Peter on the piano doing a live performance for his wife with the song “Duduke” by Simi. Again, Bimbo tried as much as possible to hold back the tears of sweetness, but no one can cheat nature.

The Groom having a moment with his bride- Abimbola & Peter

The #Ola2Love Experience

It was a spiritual experience, a celebration of love as Peter made it his mission to show how much he really loved Bimbo. The couple were way too happy to be starting this journey of love with each other with their families and friends as witnesses of their love. Peter was way too happy that his guys had to say “Bro, you gotta eat something. You’ve been dancing all through”. Alpha Taylor, his best man confessed that Peter was indeed a better performer than most dancers he has met with all the dance skills he performed. Every single person felt like he or she was part of the wedding. Both the groomsmen as well as the bridesmaids agreed that there were no stressful moments for them per se while planning the wedding because Peter and Bimbo knew what they wanted and were on top of things. The event planners made the wedding planning seamless. The MC did an amazing job of coordinating the event, keeping the audience relaxed, and keeping to time.

Moments at the wedding

The support of the groomsmen and bride was clearly seen at the wedding. The guys hyping Peter and the bridesmaids adjusting Bimbo’s dress, making sure she was looking fantastic at all times showed that the quality of people around you is what matters, not the quantity. Melody, one of the bridesmaids says the kiss Bimbo and Peter shared was magical especially when Peter took a second round to kiss his wife.  It was all love with both families. Neither of the family was competing for space, attention, or anything at all. Everybody was warm and they all had a good time. #Ola2Love was indeed a spirit-filled experience.

The Groom and Bride – Abimbola and Peter

Written by: Victoria Oyebande


Traditional Wedding 
Bride: @bimm_baby
Planning: @popeventsllc
Photography: @akintayotimi
Video: @softclickstudios
Video Assistance: @ollyandollyofficial
MUA: @shandyy_mua
Decor: @bethmichaelsevents
Production: @phemstar_event_productions
Alaga: @ebonymcalaga

White Wedding

Bride @bimm_baby
Planner @tumsocials
Photography @akintayotimi
Video @softclickstudios
Decor @rosewateratelier_
Flooring & Lighting @phemstar_event_productions
DJ @djbaggins
Live Band @mybroda
Cake @rumebakes
360 photo booth @kadgallery
Make Up @shandyy_mua
Hair @jwiafe_
Ice cream stand @rollinicecreamofficial
Venue @thewestinbwi
Bride’s second dress: @marveeoffficial
Bride’s asooke and second outfit: @marveeofficial

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  1. John O. Alabi says:

    What a unique and classic one. I rejoice with the couple, the Olatuyis and the well wishers. May your marriage be blessed and be a blessing in Jesus name. Congratulations. . .


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